One of the Girls finally Confesses that She is not the Real Girl

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 16:19:18 EDT
Who is this Girl?

Ok see meyraluvsu your name may be Meyra or whatever but you know you're not that girl sweety give it up, u know who I am, I am the girl with the black and white scanned picture with the bikini that's me as I've told u, and that other picture with that girl with the white shirt is not known whoever she is ok that's the truth finally out there! not luvsu, not bluefly or whatever, my name is meyra too luvsu and that is my picture in black and white and that other picture with the girl standing at the door was a picture my friend cut out from some colleges magazine with different pictures of girls who were in some fraternity or something there and she said she kinda looked like me and at that time I didn't have a scanner so I used that until I scanned my picture in the bikini and then I told you who I was the one in the bikini , that is my reason, and I m not a liar in real life so I didn't wanna just say oh yeah by the way that wasn't me you know so I continued saying its me blah blah, which was a picture cut out from a college magazine and not the one standing at the door from Ohio or something like that, and meyraluvsu u admitted that that's not your picture too so please don't continue this game, and bluefly I dunno about you but from the previous mail I can see you're saying that's you too, follow my example I just told the truth to y'all even mr sloan ok my name is meyra too and I'm the one in the black/white picture, the door girl is some college girl out of state, so I'm sure yall are nice pretty girls so lets leave this poor girl alone who probably doesn't even know how many people used her picture ever since it was cut out from that magazine, thanks

P.S: if yall still don't believe me I can even find out what magazine that's from the date and everything so you guys can all check it out for yourself that is the proof.


There seems to be a remarkable similarity with the following picture: Alicia Silverstone appears in YM Young & Modern magazine.

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