Congratulations Tom Dorsch

I called the USCF just now and it is true. Mike Cavallo resigned as USCF Executive Director yesterday and left the office. He will not be returning.

Glenn Petersen, the Editor of Chess Life, is now Acting Executive Director of the USCF and is completely in charge.
Tom Dorsch

Tom Dorsch must be very happy about his achievement. This is the third executive director in a row that Dorsch has driven out of office.

Al Lawrence fell to Tom Dorsch in August, 1996. George Filippone fell to Tom Dorsch in January, 1997. Now, Michael Cavallo is gone as of yesterday, Thursday, October 7, 1999.

In my opinion, Glenn Petersen's job is secure. Glenn will likely to remain as acting Executive Director for a long time to come. Glenn is a good man and I cannot imagine that any other qualified person would want that job.

So, we should all congratulate Tom Dorsch for what fine work he did.

Sam Sloan

To send your congratulations to Tom Dorsch, please send e-mail to the following address: (I cannot send them for you. He has banned all my e-mail to his address.)

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