Tom Dorsch and his wife

Tom Dorsch has repeatedly attacked my mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, a retired child psychiatrist, on the chess newsgroups, and he gives as his excuse for this that I have attacked his wife.

In the first place, Tom's accusations about my mother are completely false. My mother is 89 years old. She was listed in the First Edition of Who's Who of American Women. She is not insane. She was for 22 years the Psychiatrist-Director of the Lynchburg Guidance Center, a state funded mental health clinic in Lynchburg, Virginia. In 1975, she was forced out in a political maneuver by a rival doctor named Dr. Gardner, who wanted to get his hands on all the state funding my mother was receiving. My mother then went to work on the staff of the Western State Hospital in Staunton, Virginia, a mental hospital. That hospital was thereafter closed and turned into a prison hospital in 1984.
Tom Dorsch

In 1985, my mother was offered a job as the General Director of Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia, the oldest mental hospital in the America, (see ) which was taking over patients of Western State Hospital, which was in the process of closing. My mother's salary was going to be $75,000 per year.

However, in 1984, my brother, Creighton W. Sloan, started taking all kinds of actions to gain control of my mother's financial assets. All of the terrible things which have happened to me, my mother and the rest of my family since 1984, including my daughter being kidnapped in 1990, have been masterminded by my brother.

At the same time, Dorsch's comments that my mother is insane and became an inmate in the same mental hospital in Virginia where she had been on the staff is absolutely untrue. My mother has never been declared mentally incompetent or insane and has never been confined to any mental hospital in Virginia or elsewhere.

Tom Dorsch says that he is justified in the more than 20 attacks on my mother he has posted on the chess newsgroups because I attacked his wife.

This is absolutely untrue. I have the highest respect for Carolyn Withgitt. She is a fine tournament administrator and an excellent arbiter. I do not recall ever saying anything derogatory or defamatory about her on the newsgroups or anywhere else. I do not believe that I have ever even mentioned her name before on the chess newsgroups.

In addition, I must add that Carolyn Withgitt as a delegate from Northern California at the meetings in Reno in August, 1999 spoke in support of a point which I had made in the debates and voted in favor of two resolutions which I had drafted and presented, one of which was to abolish the position of "Life Voting Member".

I do recall one remark I made months ago, probably back in April or May, that I have the greatest respect for Tom Dorsch, because he does not have to work, because he has a wife who is willing to support him. I do not see how that harmless remark constitutes an attack on his wife. In addition, this reflects what everybody else in Northern California is saying about Tom and his wife.

Here are two typical examples of postings by Tom Dorsch:

On 15 Oct 1999 01:48:24 GMT, in (TOMDORSCH) wrote:

Right again. Turned out you were conned by the career criminal--you joined the "Sloan Family," that group of frail egos who like to be lectured to by convicts with a cause like Sam Sloan.


I completely agree. You state the "baseless ethics charges," "the embarrassing but irrelevant details," and "the false charges," and I'll do the right thing. Unfortunately, you seem to be taking Sam Sloan's verdict for deciding what is right and wrong. That means that you are going to be wrong.

Of course, you are probably offended that I pointed out that Sam Sloan's mother was involuntarily committed. Where were you when Sloan wrote that I was not legally married to my wife? I never brought my wife up on this forum. Sloan brings up elaborate non-chess-related screeds about his family tree and his mother's awareness of his sordid relationship with famous pederasts. Were you offended when Sloan did this? Or don't "members of the family" contradict their leader?


Tom Dorsch

On 05 Oct 1999 04:41:39 GMT, in (TOMDORSCH) wrote:

>>Everything Tom Dorsch says about me is a lie. He does not know >>anything about any of the subjects he claims to know about

>>From 1964 to 1992, I never saw Tom Dorsch.

>>The main point is that Tom never saw me and I never saw him for nearly >>30 years. Therefore, he knows nothing about my sexual history, he >>knows nothing about my mother and he knows nothing about any of the >>other things he claims to know about.

He he.

Sammy boy, for six months --when you were Tunabreath's spokespimp during the campaign, you were on the newsgroup every day telling everybody how well we knew each other.

Now that the election is over, and I am telling some unflattering details about what a lowlife you are, we're suddenly strangers.

How quickly you turn on "your friend!"


Your mother? Her trips to the insane asylum were well-known to friends in California. I just brought it up because you made your family history a topic of discussion.


Tom Dorsch

In the above two postings, I have snipped out most of the parts where Tom Dorsch attacks me and various other chess personalities and have left in the parts where Tom Dorsch attacks my mother. As noted previously, Tom Dorsch has attacked my mother more than 20 times in the chess newsgroups. Yet, Tom Dorsch has never met my mother, although I seem to recall that back in 1964 when Tom Dorsch was living in my apartment in Berkeley but had not paid his share of the rent, my mother spoke to him on the phone from Virginia and asked him to pay the rent. (This was a legitimate question for her to ask, since she ultimately paid Tom's share of the rent.)

In his two postings above, Tom Dorsch tells a large number of lies. For example, nobody involved in chess has even met my mother since she stopped taking me to chess tournaments in about 1959, so it is not true that "Her trips to the insane asylum were well-known to friends in California".

Turning to the part where he says that he is justified in doing this because I attacked his wife and said that they were not really married: I am sure that I have never made any such statement. However, there was a "SlamStoan" posting on June 10, 1999 which said:

"He and Carolyn aren't really married you know. She has a different last name."

I think everybody knows that SlamStoan was not me but was a parody of me. Someone has sent me private e-mail saying that both SlamStoan and "The Old Professor" letters were actually written by Jim Eade and Tom Dorsch. (Note that both of these fake personalities disappeared from the chess politics forum after the USCF election was held in August.)

More than that, even if I did raise the issue of whether they are legally married or not, that would be legitimate because both Tom Dorsch and Carolyn Withgitt are voting members of the USCF and are delegates from Northern California. Carolyn Withgitt has been appointed as a member of the USCF Ethics Committee which will be dealing with complaints by or about Tom Dorsch. So, the question of whether Carolyn is legally married to Tom is one which will come up.

At the same time, I personally have no interest in knowing what they do with their private lives.

Tom Dorsch says that he has never mentioned his wife in the newsgroups. However, if you will look at his postings, you will see that he just said that his wife is an attorney.

It is also noteworthy that although Tom Dorsch often says that Carolyn is his wife, I have never heard her say that Tom is her husband. Also, she has never used his last name.

Of course, Tom should be justly proud of having a woman like Carolyn as his wife. She is an intelligent, capable and beautiful woman. It is often asked how she ever got involved with Tom, but that is none of my concern.

I will mention that during the US Open in Reno, Mike Cavallo was approached privately with a request that Carolyn be made a National TD without having to take the test, because it was felt that because of her relationship with Tom the test scorers would be biased against her.

I was surprised at this, because she has a law degree and she should easily be able to pass the tournament director's test.

By the way, Tom Dorsch has a law degree as well, but he failed the California Bar Examination four times and gave up trying to become a real lawyer years ago.

Sam Sloan

To send your views to Tom Dorsch, please send e-mail to the following address: (I cannot send them for you. He has banned all my e-mail to his address.)

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