Sister Theresa Courtney: The Nun Who Aborted my Baby

On July 7, 1995, my unborn Baby Boy was aborted on the orders of Sister Theresa Courtney, a nun of the Roman Catholic Church.

This same Sister Theresa Courtney had kidnapped my pregnant wife, newly arrived in America, our two sons, Michael and George, and our unborn baby, Anusha, on May 14, 1991 by leading them out the back door of a hotel in Jamaica Queens while I was waiting out the front door in my car to pick them up.

Sister Theresa Courtney hid them from me and me from them for the next four years until April 1995, when I found them through the Internet.

At the request of my wife, I then took the two boys to California. One month later, Sister Theresa Courtney found out about this, had me arrested in California, had the two boys extradited to New York and, when she found out that my wife was three months pregnant with our next child, had that baby aborted.

She told my wife that, as she is a nun, she could not take her to the abortionist, so she had one of her coworkers take her instead.

I know the exact date of the abortion because I saw the doctor's appointment and the medical bill, which was paid by Sister Theresa's organization.

Sam Sloan

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