Deana Pino, an old girlfriend in Berkeley

Deana was a dedicated member of my student club. Unfortunately, I have not seen her in nearly 30 years.

Deana Pino, one of my loyal followers

To learn more about Deana, see: The Party of November 19, 1966 , The Party of November 26, 1966 , My Halcyon Student Days , Lisa Lindvall, Sexual Freedom Organizer , How we got Mara into Playboy Magazine , Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement and Orgy Host Ordered to Quit House .

We were not merely throwing parties. We were also student campus revolutionaries in our spare time. Here is a picture of me in the San Francisco Chronicle for December 6, 1966 News Clipping of Sam Sloan, Student Striker, in December, 1966

UPDATE: A reader researching my web site has discovered that Deana Pino has died.

The Social Security Death Index gives the following:

SSN 561-66-7171
Born 10 Oct 1944
Died 8 Nov 1991
Issued: CA (1962)

I am very sorry to learn this. She was a nice lady and a good friend.

I had not seen her in years, since I left California on December 24, 1967. I did not return for 14 years.

I must add that it is not a surprise that she has died. She had habits of the sixties. During the period of time that I knew her, she was in the hospital in Sacramento for six months with Hepatitis B, which she acquired I believe while shooting drugs.

She was a fantastic fuck. I do not know how she did this, but her skin was so soft that I felt like I was sinking into a very soft pillow. I never asked her how she achieved this effect, but I always assumed that she must have bathed in some cream or lotion which made her skin so soft. I have never met another lady like her. I could fuck her for hours, just endlessly.

Sam Sloan

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