"Sex on a Way Out Campus", Sexology Magazine, April, 1968

Here is a photo of my Campus Sexual Rights Forum table on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley in 1966. The girl in the photo is Joyce Kaskey, whom I paid $1.25 per hour to sit at this table, sell buttons and discuss issues of sexual freedom with passers-by.

The sign in the photo says "Campus Sexual Rights Forum", which was the name of my registered on-campus student organization with Sam Sloan as the President. The sign is in my handwriting.

Sexology Magazine, April, 1968

The caption to the photo reads: "Above photo is a scene on the Berkeley Campus in California, 1966, where a student group campaigns for liberalized sex laws."

The authorities in Sproul Hall would not allow us to use the name "Sexual Freedom League", as it conjured up images of wild sex orgies, but they would allow us to call ourselves the Campus Sexual Rights Forum, a group dedicated to discussing intellectual matters pertaining to sexual rights.

Of course, while we were discussing these weighty matters pertaining to individual rights and liberties, we could do other things as well, such as engaging in sex orgies.

This photo was originally published in Time Magazine in late-1966. Sexology Magazine simply stole the photo, without attribution.

The article itself is pretty funny. It said that we were not really having sex. We were just talking about it.

Which do you believe? Do you believe that we were just talking about sex, or were we doing it too?

Joyce Kaskey, the girl in the photo, also worked as a dancer evenings at a topless club in North Beach in San Francisco. She shared an apartment with Mara Suviks and Richard Bozulich, which is how I got to know her, which was through the games of chess and go. Mara's father was a chess player and Richard was a go player.

Joyce became the great love of my life. I constantly fantasized about having sex with Joyce. For months, I could think of no other girl but Joyce, and this was during the period of my life when I was getting a constant stream of girls. When I was having sex with other girls, I would be fantasizing that I was having sex with Joyce. However, I never got to sleep with her. Joyce would have sex with just about every other man, but not with me.

Here is the text of the Sexology article:

"Sex on a Way Out Campus"

"Though many tend to believe that college campuses, particularly those in California, are meccas of free love, a four year study at the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University reveals little sexual promiscuity. "Sexual intimacy, when is occurs, takes place in the context of a relationship that is serious rather than casual", reports Dr. Joseph Katz of Stanford Institute for the study of Human Problems.

"Actually students' interest in the opposite sex is only partially concerned with sexual contact. Foremost in their minds is understanding and good communications.

"Also contrary to the sex revolution image conveyed by the press, which has often been painted as a picture of complete libertinism and abandonment of restraints, only slightly more than one-third of men (37 percent) and one fourth of the women (24 percent) had experienced sexual intercourse by the end of their third year of college.

"These findings, based on in depth interviews with nearly 200 students at the two California schools, are generally similar to findings of other college age students."

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