History of the Berkeley Sexual Freedom League

by Sam Sloan

While I had not taken the trouble to visit their headquarters for a while, I knew they were going through a rocky period. In late November, Colette, whose real name was Alida Reyenga, had resigned in the face of adversity. He last public moment had been at the Sex Rights Conference when she answered questions beside me. Her old boy friend, Bob Kerr, had succeeded her. About a month later, he had become discontented and had moved to San Francisco to found the San Francisco Sexual Freedom League. He was charging $12 a year membership. He talked big but I and everybody else heard so little about it that we had concluded that it was doing little or nothing. Kerr, a bisexual, was more interested in forming small communal living groups rather than large sexual freedom leagues. His job at the EBSFL had gone to Lisa Lindvall. This was a pseudonym. I also knew her real name. I understood that everyone who knew it was supposed to keep it a secret since apparently she did not want her parents to find out.

Many people who came to my parties also maintained contact with the League. They frequently told me what was happening down there. In fact, they told me so much that I was sure I knew more about the League than most of them knew about it themselves. One report I received said: "They are very unstable and disorganized down there. They restructure their organization every week." Another said: "There's a big power struggle down there. There are a lot of personality clashes and everybody is fighting to be able to tell everybody else what to do. The thing they don't understand is that they've got nothing to fight over." Jefferson Poland commented bitterly about the fact that they would not allow people to remove their clothing at the open house meetings. Their rationale was that open house meetings were open house. Poland had been ordered to leave as a result. Pete Manetti said: "I'll tell you what they do. They all sit around and discuss some topic having to do with sex. And everybody tries to talk as intelligently as possible so as to impress everybody else about how much they know. But actually, what they don't realize is: There's a few good talkers down there. But nobody listens to them."

After I rented the 2545 Benvenue Street apartment, the word came down that the latest furor concerned the fact that a significant amount of money had been requisitioned for the purchase of mattresses. The transaction had been made quickly and I understood that several mattresses had been bought at the rate of $7 a piece. After it was over several members had objected strongly. I found this surprising since it seemed to me to be a rather level-headed decision compared to some of the other expenditures I had heard of them making. I could not say much since my own organization, under my predecessor, had once spent $80 on membership cards when there were hardly any members. At any rate, on Friday, the day I first heard about this, I called up the EBSFL and offered to purchase some of their mattresses in order to resolve part of their debt to the CSRF. I did not quibble over the price, agreeing to $7 a piece without referring to their somewhat tarnished reputation as a result of being used at one EBSFL party. I still doubted that I would ever be paid off in cash anyway. The person who answered the telephone told me that the deal sounded great to him but he did not have the authority to approve the transaction. He gave me a number to call. He also commented that he was sure that the EBSFL and the CSRF were the only two organizations in the world who would consider resolving a debt by an exchange of used mattresses. I called up several other people and everybody said they liked the idea but that it could not be formally approved until the next meeting of the Executive Committee. I also heard that the EBSFL was planning a party for Saturday night. On Saturday afternoon, a brainstorm led me to call up Anthony. Sure enough, he told me that the EBSFL mattresses were still at his apartment and that he was pretty mad that nobody had come by to pick them up. He begged me to take them off his hands and said that if I did not he was going to give them away or throw them away. That was all I needed. I asked Geoff, the sign painter, who had a truck, to help me haul them over. He agreed. He drove me to Anthony's apartment. There were seven mattresses present. Anthony wanted us to take them all. We looked through the lot and decided that only five were desirable. I knew that if we took the other two, only as a favor to him, we would never have a chance to return them. Therefore, we took the five mattresses and trucked them over to the Benvenue Street apartment. Geoff helped me carry them upstairs. We put them all in the orgy room which, as a result contained seven mattresses and two sets of box springs. The room needed only a layer of six mattresses to cover it so we made a second layer of three mattresses. This increased the comfort but destroyed the continuity of the orgy room. I decided that some day I would have to buy three more mattresses to even it out. It went without saying that Geoff, in return for helping me, would once again get into this party without a date. It was one of those things which could not be avoided unless I were willing to try to conduct a party with an inadequate supply of mattresses. As it turned out, Geoff later went out and got a date anyway.

THE PARTY OF JAN. 28, 1967
2545 Benvenue Street, Apt. #3, Berkeley

It was a rainy, drizzling night. When Geoff and I came walking in the door, mattress under arm, who should I see but Harry. Harry had once claimed (falsely, I believe) to be a photographer from the LA Free Press and had attended the party of Nov. 26. I was not happy to see him but did not say anything to him. It was only about 7:30 but I knew why he was there. He had gotten into the last party by arriving early and sticking around. He hoped to do it again. When I spotted him, I decided that the most direct way to confront the situation was to punch him in the nose. That would communicate my feelings on the matter quickly and efficiently. My problem was that I did not have the time to talk to him. On the last occasion, he had hassled me to well over an hour trying to get me to let him into the party without a date. I did not now have the time to waste even a few minutes in this way. I still had not purchased the party refreshments nor had I set up the party in other ways. I decided that I wanted to set up Rita's bed in the living room. It would take a minimum of two and preferably three people to complete the job. I did not ask for Harry's assistance but he gave it anyway. When that task was completed, I mentioned the fact that the place needed sweeping badly. Harry grabbed a broom and went to work. I chided myself because I knew exactly what was happening. Before long, Harry would be in a position where I had an obligation to him to allow him to stay for the party. I wanted to tell him to stop but I realized I could not afford to do so. The place was a mess and Harry was cleaning it up. I knew that, in a sense, I had nobody but myself to blame. I should have cleaned up the place myself, long before. Of course, I had been on the go all week and had not had many spare moments in which to do so. Thus, I was trapped either way. When Fred arrived, I went out to buy the refreshments. Despite the rain, I bought more heavily than usual. My rationale was that this time I would be able to keep unconsumed items from one week to the next since I now had control over the apartment.

When I got back, I decided that the time had come to confront Harry. I walked up to him as he was standing near the fireplace.

"How you been, Harry?"

This was the first time during the evening that I had addressed him directly.


"What brings you to this party?"

"I rode a bus up from L.A. to come to this party."

"Do you have a date?"


"You know you're supposed to bring a date, don't you, Harry?"

"I thought my friend Henry would let me in. Look, I came all this way and I helped you clean up. You can't throw me out now."

"Look, Harry, I want to tell you. The last time you came to one of these parties, you got quite a few girls upset."

"Oh, come now. You must be thinking of somebody else. You can't mean that about me."

"Oh, yes, I can. At that party, one girl told me that you were the first guy she had ever turned down in her entire life. When I hear something like that, I know you must be giving bad action."

"I swear. I didn't do anything."

"I'll tell you what. I let you stay, against my better judgment, but if I hear one bad word about you, out you go. Understand?"


Again I felt like kicking myself for letting him get away with this, but I was simply tired of having to go through hassles such as this one. By this time perhaps twenty people had arrived including Pete and Gina. Pete had brought a portable radio. He had done so because we did not have anything on which to play the records. A radio seemed a poor substitute but it was all we had. I put the refreshments in order and removed my clothing. I walked around a bit and danced with Ginger once. The party was a bit dull. I expected a repeat of last week because of the rain. Pete, nude, was in the kitchen talking to Marcia and Suzanne. Freddy #1, who had been to the Oct. 22 party, came walking in the door. He introduced me to his date. I told him that I had never expected him to show up to any more of these parties. Geoff left with the comment that he would be back later. Connie Cox arrived. Her date was a tall bearded man. She introduced me to him. Dan came to the door and said he did not have a date. He asked to be admitted but I told him that I could not allow that. He begged and pleaded and finally he asked to use the telephone. I agreed. He came in and dialed a few numbers. He said something about the Blue Unicorn. Receiving no answer, he left. Teddy and Heinrich were dancing well as they could in the living room. The fact that the music was frequently interspersed by commercials was a problem. I looked into the orgy room. I saw Gina lying prostrate on the far end of the room. She was nude. A suited man, about 40, was standing at her feet. He was undressing slowly. Gina called me to her. I went over and lay down beside her. She whispered to me.

"I promised this guy I would fuck him. When he is finished, do you want to do it?"

"Maybe," was my reply.

I looked up at him. He was undressing extremely slowly. He took off his coat, his vest, his shirt, and his pants. After he removed each garment, he pulled a coat hanger out of the closet and carefully hung it up. This was definitely not an impassioned onslaught. I wondered why he couldn't be a little less formal.

When he had removed everything, he lay down directly over Gina's body. There was no love play, no fondling, no anything, to precede this. He put his hand down on his genital area apparently trying to direct himself inside of her. He moved his body around for a few minutes. Then, abruptly, he got to his feet. "It's no use," he said. "I might as well not try." His face revealed no signs of emotion. He simply began dressing again, putting on first his underpants then his undershirt. He dressed just as slowly and as carefully as he had undressed. He appeared as though he were going through some sort of a ritual. When he finished dressing, he left the room without further comment. I kissed Gina for a while and then performed cunnalingus on her. Someone leaned into the orgy room and called for me several times. He seemed intent so I suggested to Gina that we get up and go out. She agreed but first put on a pair of white panties which were lying near us. When I went out, I learned that the person who had been calling just wanted to let me know that he was there. I went into the living room. Four girls, Connie, Ginger, Teddy and by now Gina were dancing. They were all nude except that all four had on white panties. A guy sitting on the west couch, said to Connie, who was dancing nearest him, "Is this a panty show?"

"No." she replied.

"Well, why don't you take them off?"

"It's not important to me one way or the other. If you want me to, I guess I will."

With that she started peeling down her panties. He helped her. I concluded that they were friends. Soon Ginger and Teddy removed their panties also. Freddy #1 and his date were dancing. Both were fully clothed. I went into the kitchen. A woman in her early thirties introduced herself to me. She said her name was Genie. She introduced me to her date and said that she often went to parties given by Ed in San Francisco. She whispered into me ear, "Those parties are so dull. I heard so much about these parties I decided I just had to come." I asked if she wanted to come to future parties. She said yes and gave me her name, address, and phone number. A group of six people, led by Herb from the Blue Unicorn, arrived. One of the couples with him had not attended previously. Two of the girls had been the previous week. One was the tall girl and the other was Sally. Soon, the telephone rang. It was Dan. He asked to speak to Sally and I put her on the phone. She said a few things and hung up shortly. Not more than ten minutes later Fred called me to the door. Dan was standing outside. Sally came running up behind me. "Oh. Please let him in. Please, please, please let him on! Can't you?" She had grabbed my hand and was looking up into my eyes. It was a request I could not turn down. I told Fred to let him in. Sally started jumping up and down and clapped her hands. As soon as Dan was inside, she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. They walked into the orgy room. Before long, they were balling. A bit later, Pete led the tall girl in and began balling her. Lisa Lindvall and Anthony arrived together. I greeted them and they went into the kitchen. I saw a girl, nude sitting by herself on the west couch. I went over and sat down beside her. We introduced each other. She said she was from Finland and had been a student at U.C. I commented that, compared to their ratio in the student population, a relatively high proportion of foreign-born individuals came to my parties. I asked her about life in Finland and made a reference to the reputation of sexual liberation which all Scandinavian countries have. She indicated that the reputation reflected reality. I was interested to hear that since I always assumed that the mass media made things sound much more swinging than they really were. I asked her if she knew of anything similar to my parties in her part of the world. She said: "No. That wouldn't be necessary. Things are much freer there. I can see how a country like this one could use something like this." Soon a male, apparently her date, came over and handed her a cup of wine. He sat down beside her and put his arm around her. I introduced myself, got up, and left shortly thereafter. Nobody was dancing. In the kitchen Lisa was talking to Herb. Nobody was in the orgy room until Herb and Lisa decided to go in. Dan was talking so Sally. I went over and said "hello" to them. Dan said "would you like Sally to say hello to your big toe?" I looked at him as though were out of his mind. He looked back at me. Then I looked down at Sally who was smiling up at me. "O.K." I said, "I don't know what it is but I'll do it."

"Sit down," he said, motioning me towards the South bench at the kitchen table. I seated myself as he had directed. Sally got down on her knees, smiled up at me again, took one of my feet in her hands, and started sucking on my big toe. I still thought both of them were insane until I began reacting to the sensations she was creating. She was both sucking on it and rubbing her tongue around it. It felt exactly as though she was performing fellatio, except that my toe rather than my penis was the object of the attention. Still, the sensation seemed just as intense, too intense in fact. I flinched slightly and then, when I could stand it no longer, I pulled my foot away from her. Dan, who had been standing nearby all the time, smiled and said, "Now she's going to say hello to your other big toe." She took my other foot and put that big toe into her mouth. I tried to be as objective as I could about the phenomenon. The first notion that crossed my mind was that since the sensation resembled that received from sexual activity, the big toe must have the same number and type of nerve endings as the penis. Then I decided that perhaps neither the penis nor the big toe was any more sensitive than any other part of the body. I discarded that theory after I sucked on my thumb without receiving any special satisfaction. I never enjoyed fellatio beyond a certain point because of the intensity of the sensations involved. Big toe sucking was the same. Soon, I discovered that I had to wrest my toe away from Sally. I thanked her for the unique and enlightening experience. She got up and walked off with Dan. I looked into the orgy room and saw Herb and Lisa having intercourse. Anthony came up to me and said "Do you know that guy named Roy?"


"Well, the last time I came to a party, I was talking to him. He told me he had published papers on bio-physics, that he had a master's degree, and things like that. I couldn't believe he had all that education. He seemed sort of dumb to me. So I checked out everything he said. And it's true! He really has done all those things." I exchanged a few comments with him and then went into the living room. I saw Larry, Elaine, and a girl had never seen before, sitting, fully clothed on the west couch. As I approached, Larry recognized me and his face lit up. He beckoned to me. "Sam. come over here and sit down with us. I want you to meet my sister." I sat down so that Larry and I were on the two ends of the couch and the girls were between us. "Sam," said Larry pointing to the girl next to me, "This is my sister. She is visiting us from Georgia and she wanted to see something she couldn't see in her home town. So naturally we brought her here." With that Elaine and Larry broke out laughing.

I asked her how she liked the party and she said it was fine. Then, addressing Larry, I said,

"Did just the three of you come?"

"Yes. Some guy outside wanted to make it a foursome, but I thought we better not let him in with us. Was that the right to do?"

"I'm glad you did it. Some of those guys aren't good to have at a party like this."

The four of us exchanged pleasantries. I tried to think of an appropriate way to react to the presence of Larry's sister, who was, as yet, uninitiated. Gina came into the living room and I saw her as my big chance. I called her over. She walked up and knelt at my feet. "Do you want a blow up?" she asked. "Sure," I replied. Within a few seconds after she had begun, I was erect and told her to stop.

"Do you want to fuck?" I said.

"Sure. Let's go to the room," was her reply.

"No. I want to do it here. I've never done it sitting up."

"Oh. Sammy, I don't want to do it here."

Larry and the two girls had been watching intently. Larry leaned over and said, "make her beg."

"Let's do it later, then," I said, "I was talking to these people and I wasn't that anxious to do it anyway. I just thought you might want to do it here."

"Oh. Sammy," she said. Then after a brief pause, she continued, "O.K. I'll do it. Let me get the Vaseline."

She got up and left the room. While he was gone, I explained to my audience that we were not capable of having intercourse unless we used Vaseline or some other lubricant. Soon, she reappeared. She handed me the jar. I opened it and rubbed a dab on me. Then she climbed into my lap. Once I was inside of her, she wrapped her legs around me. By now, Larry was absolutely beaming, as though I were fulfilling his greatest expectations. His sister was watching rather dispassionately as though nothing unusual were happening. I had a feeling that wheels were spinning inside of her mind, however. Gina and I gyrated our bodies for a while. I didn't ejaculate, Nor had I expected to. Experience had indicated that I had to be on top of the girl in order to ejaculate. After a while, I decided that as long as we had gone this far, we had better finish it properly. I said good-bye to Larry and the two girls, picked up Gina, carried her over to the big bed, laid her down, and before long I had an orgasm. Apparently she did also. After that I felt as though I did not want to get hung up in fucking her for the rest of the evening, but since there was nobody to replace me, I tried to disengage ourselves as delicately as I could. She was not especially interested in further sexual activity anyway. By the time we had finished, Larry and two girls were ready to leave. "It was a great party!" said Larry, shaking my hand. Soon they were out the door.

The party seemed small and quiet. Everybody but Marcia and Suzanne were nude. Lisa was sitting by herself on the living room floor. I went over and knelt down beside her. I t occurred to me that we hardly knew each other despite the fact that we people who were compatriots as far as sexual freedom was concerned. They were so few people who were interested in becoming involved with the drudgery jobs involved in running this kind of organization, compared with the many willing participants, that I was fascinated by anyone who was willing to become involved as much as she was. Of course, she did receive a salary but that was not compensation for what she was doing. I wondered on what grounds I stood as far as she was concerned. I got the impressions that the feelings towards me at the Sexual Freedom League ranged from mild disapproval to outright antagonism. Members of the Executive Committee with whom I had dealt directly always claimed that others, and not they, were the ones who were not warm to my organization. An exception had been Bob Kerr. The first time I met him, I knew nothing about him except that he was the current coordinator for the EBSFL. I made a comment stating that I thought the CSRF was doing more than the EBSFL. "Will you get the fuck away from here!" was his reply. I could not pinpoint what they did not like about my organization but I preferred to believe that mainly they did not like sex.

After I began talking to Lisa, I concluded that she was highly sympathetic towards my point of view. Apparently, she had some complaints of her own about the Executive Committee. She told me that this was the first party she had attended after assuming the office of EBSFL coordinator.

"By the way," I asked, "I thought you people were having a party tonight."

"Oh. We were. But we called it off."

"Why? What happened?"

"It's a terrible night, that's all. It's raining and we got our signals crossed. Only three people showed up for the party. We decided we might as well come over here and I left word that if anybody else showed up, they should come here too."

"Thanks for the advertisement. By the way, I'm holding a series of seduction lectures. Could you send out my leaflets in one of your mailings?"

"Sure," she replied, enthusiastically. "If the Executive Committee approves it. I think that's a great idea. Some of the guys down at the League could really use something like that. I can think of one in particular. He's the chairman of the Horny Men's Circle."

"I know the guy. Vernon. Why? Isn't he much of a seducer?"

"He's amazingly inept. He's my favorite man."

"Weren't you the convenor of the Wanton Woman's Circle?"


"I heard he wanted to enact a merger between the two circles."

"Yes. That's the kind of thing he would think of. He just doesn't understand. Actually, we thought it would be great, but not for what he had in mind. By the way, what's going to be in the seduction lectures?"

"I don't know. That's up to the seducer."

"Well, what do you think should be there? Like, what's your view of seduction?"

"It's hard to explain. For example, I think an important brand of seduction is often practiced at these parties."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for example, if I want to make a girl at one of these parties, I can never approach the subject directly. It's just as much a big game here as it is any place else. I have to ease up and talk about something different and very gradually work my way around to what's really on my mind. The girls know it, but they're just playing along. Of course, I can understand. A lot of them don't want to be close or intimate I may feel towards a girl, I can never ask directly. Like, for example, I could never say: "Lisa. Do you want to fuck?"

"Now I understand, perfectly."

"That may have sounded like an abrupt thing to say, but I just wanted to try it out. I figure that since you are supposed to be running a sexual freedom group, you would be one of the few people I could ask directly."

"Great! As long as you approached me directly, I'll give you the straight answer. You see, I've been having to make several trips tot he hospital lately. Just the other day they did an operation where they had to wash out my sterus. My cervix is sore and it actually hurts me to have intercourse. So, we will have to put it off until some other time."

"That's O.K. I was just asking."

"By the way, I've been wondering this. Do you plan to be doing this for a long time, or are you in it just for a while?"

"I can't answer that, if only because I don't know anything about the future. But basically I guess you could say that I'm completely committed to this type of thing. In others words, I plan to be organizing parties like this a working for Sexual Freedom for the rest of my life."

"I really like that," she said excitedly. "You see, the thing I don't like about the Executive Committee is that I get the feeling that a lot of them don't really care about Sexual Freedom; they are just in it because they have nothing better to do with their time. I'm glad to talk to you because I get the feeling that you really believe in it."

Anthony came by and sat down. He and Lisa talked about leaving. When it seemed they were ready to go, I got up and walked around the party. Geoff came walking in the door with a young hippie girl. He introduced her to me and said her name was Karma. She went to sit down and I commented to Geoff that she was the first hippie girl ever to come to one of these parties. "She's a groovy chick" he replied. "She lives at the Kerista house in Inverness."

"Next door to Henry?"

"Sure. That's the place."

Geoff went to sit down beside her. I wandered into the kitchen and, on my way, noticed that Freddy #1 and his date were preparing to leave. Neither had undressed all evening. Harry was sitting by himself, nude, in the orgy room. Pete came up to me and said: "That guy is a real asshole. He just sits in there kind of like he's ready to pounce on the first girl who walks in. He's really hanging things up."

"Has he bothered anybody directly?"

"No. He doesn't say nothing to nobody. He just sits there."

"I take it he hasn't gotten laid."

"Him? Nobody's going to lay him. Not at this party, anyway."

I decided not to do anything about it, partly because I could think of nothing to do. I went to the front door and looked out, Fred was sitting there studying a physics book. A group of six spades were on their way down the stairs. Fred said things were going well. I went into the living room. Geoff and Karma, clothed, were sitting on the east couch. Connie and her bearded date were having intercourse on the large bed. A girl, fully dressed, saw her date go out the front door. I could not tell which. I took a deep breath, went over, and sat down beside her. She was a bit difficult at first but then began to open up.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I'm waiting for my boy friend to come back," she replied.

"Why? Did he go get you a drink?"

"No. He went out the front door a few minutes ago."

"Do you think he's really going to come back?"

"He'd better! That's all I can say," she said, eyeing the door.

"How did he happen to leave?"

"Oh. We had an argument over some little thing. So he went storming out. I'm just going to wait here until he comes back."

"It's past midnight, you know."

"I don't care. I'm not moving one inch. If he thinks I'm going to come after him, he's wrong."

"Make yourself comfortable."

Pete came into the room. He called me over, making it appear as through I was needed on some urgent matter. I was reluctant to go anywhere since I felt that our conversation was just getting started, but I felt confident the girl would still be there when I came back. I left her. Pete led me orgy room and pointed to Harry. "Can't you do something to get rid of that guy? He's putting Ginger real up-tight."

Just then Harry got to his feet, went to the closet, and started dressing. "Nothing is happening at this party," he said, "I'm going to leave."

"Glad to see you go," I replied.

Relieved, I went into the living room, hoping to find the girl still there. She was, but Herb was now talking to her. I considered sitting down on her other side, but, after some thought, could see no special advantage in that. I looked out the door and saw Fred still studying physics while another six males walked down the stairs, passing two who were on their way up. I closed the door. I saw that Karma and Geoff were getting ready to leave. I went into the kitchen and spoke to Ginger for a few minutes. Dottie and Walter Bacca and another couple, all fully clothed, came walking in. They had just arrived. Before I had a chance to tell Walter how surprised I was that he had come, he said: "Sam, I've just come by to introduce you to a couple of prospective members. We thought they might want to join." With that he introduced me to the couple who accompanied him. They left the room and I continued to talk to Ginger. A few minutes later the four of them came back all nude except for Dottie who, as usual, had kept her blouse, stockings, and garter belt on. The male prospective member was bouncing his wife's tits in his hands. I offered Walter a drink and he accepted. I wound up pouring punch for the four of them. I expected a Swap job at any moment but it never happened.

It was about one o'clock. I went to the front door and asked Fred if he thought it was a good idea for him to come in. He said that he had better stay out for a while. By now only about 20 people were present. Herb was still talking to the girl on the west couch. I felt exhausted. I sat down for about fifteen minutes. Then I got up and went to the front door again. As he entered, I asked: "By the way, how many single guys came tonight?"

"I would say about a hundred."

"A hundred!?"

"Sure, don't you remember. Every time you looked out the door, a half dozen guys were going down the stairs. It was that way all night."

"How many people got in the party?"

"Fifty, I suppose."

"Fred, do you realize what that means?"


"Well, if fifty people came to this party, that means that a maximum of 25 guys could get dates. But a hundred guys tried to come without dates even though they must have known that they couldn't get in. And if you figure that for every guy who tired to get in without a date, there were ten who wanted to come but didn't bother to try, it means that there were a thousand guys out there in Berkeley who wanted to get in but couldn't find a girl. And do you know what that means?"


"It could mean a number of things. One is that it is not as easy to get a date to one of these parties as I thought. Another is that with all these guys looking for dates, sooner or late almost every far out, swinging chick in Berkeley is going to get asked. Of course, some of these guys would scare almost any girl away. But still, you can figure that sooner or later almost every swinging chick in action is going to show up here. You might call these guys our informal army of talent scouts."

"Hey. That's an idea."

"On the other hand, I better not jump to conclusions. After all, they didn't show up with anything tonight. Most of the guys who actually brought a date, had been before."

Just then, we heard a knock on the door. I asked Fred to answer it since he was dressed and I was nude. He went to the door. I heard a verbal interchange and went over to see what it was all about. Fred was standing with the door partly open talking to two couples who were outside. When they saw me walking up, one of the girls said:

"No. We don't want to go in. We've afraid."

One of the guys replied: "Don't worry. Nobody's going to hurt you. We'll protect you."

After a pause, the same girl said: "O.K. We'll do it, But if we don't like it, we're going to leave right away."

Fred opened the door wider to admit them. As they entered, he suddenly said, "Hey, are you girls 18 years old?"

"No." The spokeswoman of the group said, "we've both 17."

"Well, you can't come in," said Fred authoritatively.

The two girls, apparently relieved to hear this, turned to go. One of the guys said, "Hey, come on fellows. Let us in. We walked almost two miles to come to this party. And we spent all night talking the girls into doing it."

"Nope." I said. "I don't want to go to jail any more than anybody else."

The two males obviously disgruntled, turned to escort their dates down the stairs. Fred closed the door.

" Fred," I said, "How often does that happen? I mean, that an underaged girl shows up at the party?"

"Oh. About once a week some 16 or 17 year old girl shows that single girls and minors could get in. I mean, other than the fact that we would all go to jail."

"I don't know, but I have a feeling that half the high school kids around here would start coming."

As usual, I told Fred to hang on to the money he had collected until I came by to pick it up the next day. He undressed and sat down on the east couch which was, by now, unoccupied. Herb was making out with the girl on the west couch. She was still clothed. I felt like kicking myself for letting her get away. Teddy and Heinrich came into living room and danced as well as they could to the music from the radio. Berry came walking in the front door. I had told him he was welcome any time. I greeted him and he went into the kitchen. Herb and the girl got up from the west couch. He led her around to the orgy room. I stayed in the living room. About fifteen minutes later he brought her back and led her to the large closet. I could see that she was ready to leave. I went over but she merely said "Good-bye" to me as she went out the door. I asked Herb what had happened.

"It was a beautiful experience. She is a virgin but she really started opening up after I talked to her for a while."

"Did you make her?"

"No. We didn't do anything like that. She said she wasn't ready for it yet."

"Is she really a virgin?"

"That's what she said."

"She didn't sound like a virgin to me."

Shortly thereafter, Herb and the other Blue Unicorn people started preparing to leave. Sally got dressed and gave a fond farewell kiss to Dan before going out the door. After they had left he said, "You know, it's amazing. After all that, I still want to ball some more."

"Why don't you?" I asked.

"I don't think any girls will do it."

"What about her?" I said, pointing to Gina. "Do you want to ball her?"


I called over Gina, who was dancing by herself on the far side of the room. When she came up, I said "Gina. This is Dan. He wants to fuck. Would you like to fuck him?"

Dan, who looked astonished, seemed even more surprised when Gina said" Would I!" She took him by the hand and led him off tot he orgy room. I looked in a few minutes later and saw that they were having intercourse. Marcia and Suzanne, who had been present, albeit unobtrusive, all evening came by and started out the door. When I asked why they were leaving Marcia said: "We are tired and we don't think this would be a good place for us to spend the night tonight."

After they left, Berry also exited. Pete came up and I asked him what he thought about the two girls who had just left.

"One hardly talks," he said, "but I dig the other one. She's got a good head on her shoulders. The things she says makes sense, which is more than I can say for most people. Of course, neither of them did anything tonight but don't worry. Pretty soon both of them will be fucking everybody."

Shortly thereafter, Pete had to leave for work. He had recently gotten a job in Oakland which involved working a graveyard shift. He told me to watch out for Gina and that he would be back to pick her up in the morning.

After he had left, the party started coming to an end. Walter, Dottie, and their prospective member friends left. Dan and Gina stayed in the orgy room for a while. Heinrich and Teddy came out and danced in the living room again. Ginger sat in the kitchen talking to her date. Fred decided to go home. Connie and her date left together. Dan brought Gina into living room. Gina wrapped herself in a blanket and lay down on the east couch preparing to sleep. Dan got dressed and left. Ginger came out of the kitchen and told me she was going to leave. I escorted her to the orgy room and helped her find her clothing. After she was fully dressed, she checked her wallet.

"Four dollars is gone," she said, "That was all the money I had."


"Yes. And I know exactly who took it?"


"That bastard who sat by himself in the orgy room all night. I'm sure he was the one."

"Is there anything I can do about it?"

"No. Forget it. It was only four dollars."

Ginger and her date left. I went into the living room and saw Heinrich and Teddy dancing. Gina fast asleep. I got on the big bed and soon was asleep myself.


"Nancy the Nymph", as Tom and Alan called her, or the crazy redhead, as she called herself, came to the Jan. 28 party. I was surprised to hear this since I had not seen her there. Later she told me that she came to five parties even though I could only remember her at two of them. Nevertheless, her detailed description of each of them left no doubt as to her presence. Part of the problem was that so many people came and went at these parties that I rarely had time to keep track of them. In Nancy's case, the difficulty was compounded by her elusive appearance. To me, she always looked different. About the party, she said:

"Some boys came up to me and asked if I wasn't the girl they had seen here before. I said I was. They said they didn't believe me. I asked if they didn't remember my red hair, they wanted to see the other red hair. But I just folded my arms and sat because I wasn't going to show them all my red hair."

The boys obviously had made a serious tactical error. What they should have said was that they didn't want to see the other red hair.

Nancy the Nymph described her date to the party as "a doctor." She said that he was from Los Angeles and she was his mistress. She described him as "excellent in bed." I, however, was not convinced. Based on her description, I have a feeling that he was the man who had unsuccessfully attempted to have intercourse with Gina.

According to Tom, .89 inches of rain fell on Berkeley on Saturday this period.

"Basically, Lisa is a pretty uptight chick," said a 35 year old male member of the Sexual Freedom League. "She comes to parties and takes off her clothing but she never gets laid."

This was a representative judgment of the EBSFL members about Lisa. I still wonder what they would have thought, had I told them that she got laid at one of my parties even though she never did at theirs.

This was the last time that I ever saw Lisa Lindvall. She died of cystic fibrosis ten days later.

When I heard that Lisa had died, I went over to her apartment on Fulton Street. I arrived at about the same time as a male friend of Lisa. We managed to get inside of the apartment. I found a collection of photographs of nude women. None of them were of Lisa. After consulting her friend, we decided to remove the photographs, because we knew that Lisa had not wanted her parents to know of her involvement in the Sexual Freedom League.

The next day, I went back again. By this time, her parents had arrived from out of state to take back Lisa's body and to clean out her apartment. They were an extremely conservative looking doughty middle-aged couple. They said that they appreciated the fact that I, a friend of Lisa, had come by to help out. They were going to stay over another night.

I did not go back the following day. Later on, I decided that I should have. Lisa might have left some old records of the Sexual Freedom League which it would have been appropriate for me to have. I have also since wondered whether I did the right thing by removing the nude photographs. Even though Lisa did not want her parents to know while she was alive, they might have cherished the memory that their daughter was one of the leaders of the Sexual Freedom Movement.


This story is about real events and real people. We have photographs of two of them, Mara Suviks and Deana Pino .

To learn more about this student club, see: My Halcyon Student Days , The Party of November 19, 1966 , The Party of November 26, 1966 , How we got Mara into Playboy Magazine , Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement and Orgy Host Ordered to Quit House .

We were not merely throwing parties. We were also student campus revolutionaries in our spare time. Here is a picture of me in the San Francisco Chronicle for December 6, 1966 News Clipping of Sam Sloan, Student Striker, in December, 1966

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