Hard Disk Data Recovery Expert

Hard Disk Data Recovery Expert

I have had a serious problem with my hard drive, which crashed in October, 2006. As the hard drive contained books that I had written, it was necessary to recover it. I took it to all kinds of experts and none of them could do anything about it, plus I even had to pay.

I wish to report that I have finally been able to recover most of the data on my hard drive.

For this I have to thank Ephraim Hirshberg and his company, Atomic Bytes. It is also known as Sherlock Data Recovery. I was referred to him by J&R Computer World, where I had purchased my computer in 2002.

His website is


He is located in Manhattan, on the Upper East Side of New York City, on the corner of 87th Street and York Avenue. His address is

Ephraim Hirshberg
500A East 87th Street
New York NY 19128

On the corner of York Avenue.


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