White to Play and Win

by Weaver W. Adams

White to Play and Win

White to Play and Win
by Weaver W. Adams


Publisher: Ishi Press
ISBN: 0923891838
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
220 pages

White to Play and Win

WHITE TO PLAY AND WIN by Weaver W. Adams plus SIMPLE CHESS by Weaver W. Adams

Revised and combined in 2007 with pictures and 34 games added and introductions by Dr. Leroy W. Dubeck and Sam Sloan

When "White to Play and Win" was first published in 1939, it created a great sensation because the author, Weaver W. Adams, claimed to be able to prove that White has a win by force from the very first move, against any defense.

Although the author was never able to prove his central thesis, he did prove that these lines were lethal against the average tournament player. Over the next ten years, playing exactly the opening lines in this book, Adams won every City of Boston Championship, every Massachusetts State Championship and every New England Championship, usually winning every game without a loss or a draw.

Adams won the US Open Championship, played in five US Championships, and was sent to Moscow as an alternate member of the US Team playing against the USSR, always playing exactly the opening lines in this book.

Bobby Fischer studied this book intently and used many of the attacking lines in this book on his way to winning the World Championship.

This book provides ways to attack against every major opening system, the Sicilian Defense, the French Defense, the Caro-Kann Defense and so on. There is also a "Black to Play and Win" Section on how to counter- attack against the major openings by White.

This book and the follow-up work "Simple Chess" have been combined together under one cover plus 34 chess games have been added showing how Adams defeated such famous players as Kashdan, Steiner, Horowitz, Evans, Santasiere, Pavey, Bernstein, Kramer, Shainswit and Seidman, even though he told them in advance that he was going to play the exact opening lines in these books.

ISBN 0-923891-83-8

Reprinted by Ishi Press International

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