Sex Marchers by Jefferson Poland and Sam Sloan

Sex Marchers

Sex Marchers
by Sam Sloan
Jefferson Poland


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Publisher: Elysium
ISBN: 0923891137
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
170 pages

This must be regarded nowadays as a period or historical piece of Americana. History books will tell you that the Sex Revolution of the 1960s started at the University of California at Berkeley. This 1968 book was by the two leading student agitators of that time. Some of the issues may seem quaint, such as the struggle to get the university hospital to issue birth control pills, which were still difficult to obtain without a hard-to-get prescription from a medical doctor. It is difficult to imagine now the long struggle by the students against the censorship, anti-abortion and sex discrimination laws of that time. So many of the battles have long since been won that it is hard to imagine what it was like then.

While waging their political battles against the establishment authorities, the students took time off to organize sex orgies as well, putting their theories into practice. The chapter entitled "Making the League Sexual" provides detailed encounters of nude parties and sex orgies off the Berkeley Campus.

"Sex Marchers" was originally published by Ed Lange who ran a nudist colony organization headquartered in the hills above Los Angeles.

ISBN 1881373053 Sex Marchers by Jefferson Poland and Sam Sloan

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