How to Talk Dirty in Japanese and English

by Fukuyama Hiroaki and Eli Eshoh

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How to Talk Dirty in Japanese

How to Talk Dirty
in Japanese
and English
by Eli Eshoh
Hiroaki Fukuyama


How to Talk Dirty in Japanese
Publisher: Ishi Press
ISBN: 0923891129
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
170 pages

How to Talk Dirty in Japanese and English is the result of years of scholarly research in which two academic investigators interviewed the most foul-mouthed persons they could find in order to collect the most obscene commonly used expressions in either language.

This book is must reading for anybody who wants to cuss-out somebody in either language. More importantly, it is required reading for any student of either language, because the expressions in this book are not to be found in any other book. Some of the expressions in this book are so secret that foreigners who have been living in Japan for years and think that they are fluent, do not know what they mean, and yet all real Japanese understand them.

This is a bi-lingual book. Every word and phrase in either language is converted into an equivalent term in the other language.

Anybody not prepared to be offended should not read this book. This book goes as far as it gets. Topics include not only the most familiar obscenities, but many others. There are special sections dealing with Niggers, Queers, Coons, Dykes and Japs.

The authors also dispense advice concerning sexual techniques and practices in both countries and the dangers facing Japanese who visit America.

The authors are Eli Eshoh and Fukuyama Hiroaki. Eli Eshoh is a Ugandan academic residing in Japan and known for his contributions to number theory. His works have been translated and published in Russian and other languages.

Fukuyama Hiroaki is a retired doctor who learned English while attending the University of California at Berkeley.

Because of its offensive, racist and sexist language, this book will cause great outrage, but is destined to become regarded as a classic and as the greatest contribution ever to a deep understanding of American English and Japanese.

A very good book.

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