Are All Unmarried Japanese Girls Virgins?

by Chris Smith

I do have evidence that this is untrue. While living in Japan, in Nagasaki, I knew many Japanese women who were sleeping with their Japanese boyfriends or with men who they met that night. I also know of a few extreme examples of junior high school and high school japanese girls in the prefecture who would perform 'sexual services' for Japanese businessmen from Nagasaki, Fukuoka and other areas. These extreme examples are deeply saddening on the basis of human morality. I feel sorry for the girls and for their families and friends. They did not do this out of any true need for the money, but rather for money to buy things for status so that they would look like they had the 'newest and coolest' things - cellular phones, expensive scarves, beepers ('pocket bells'), etc.

This is not just a western enigma, but a Japanese one too. I could go on and on to dispute most of what the author said, but I think it's so ludicrous that I would be speaking to a wall.

Have a nice day. -

Chris Smith

Simply laughable in most every respect. I would love to correspond with the author directly but the notion that this was written by an American who is simply trying to evoke responses overwhelms me. Here's one more response for the count. Ganbatte yo! Shinjirarenai kedo....

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