Grandmaster Lombardy seeks help in finding a lost ring

Grandmaster William Lombardy, best known for acting as the second to Bobby Fischer in the World Chess Championship Match against Boris Spassky in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1972, has asked for help in finding a silver ring he lost at a chess tournament this year. He asked me to post the following message:

During this year's Eastern Open at D.C. in January, I lost a silver ring.

The ring was American Indian. A silver leaf folded over two small stones (blue-probably turquoise) and red (the name of which I forgot). Perhaps somebody found the ring in the tournament area and might like to return this to me. The ring has a special sentimental value to me. Although it has some value, the value is not very great. Could you possibly post this 'seek' on your website, in the event that a Chessplayer might have found the ring and would care to return it to me?

Thanks very much!

William Lombardy

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