Sam Scores Glorious Victory in Goshen Supreme Court

Sam Scores Glorious Victory

A hearing was held today in Orange County Supreme Court in Goshen New York in Sloan vs. Marinello, 2004-7739. The USCF represented by attorney Michael J. Matsler of Rider, Weiner & Frankel filed a cross-motion to dismiss.

The case was argued before Judge Lawrence I.. Horowitz. At the conclusion, the judge ordered the case adjourned for ten days until December 10, and ordered the bank account at Key Bank in Newburgh which contains the $513,000 representing the proceeds of the sale of the building frozen until further order of the court.

Judge Horowitz said that he wanted counsel for the USCF to stipulate that the money would not be moved out of the Key Bank in Newburgh.

The attorney for the USCF replied that he would agree to stipulate that the money would be held in an FDIC Insured Bank.

The judge said that no, he was ordering that the money stay in the bank in Newburgh. He was not agreeing to allow the money to be moved to a bank in another state absent an order of this court.

Since this is what I was asking the judge to do, I consider this to be a complete victory.

It seems clear that the judge will not allow the money to be moved until there is a showing that it will be used for a proper purpose. Since the defendants have thus far refused to state what the purpose of the move of the money is, much less whether the purpose is proper or not, I think that it is likely that it will be a long time before the money is moved at all.

Sam Sloan

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