Hearing Tomorrow in Goshen Supreme Court at 9:00 AM

A hearing will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, November 30, 2004, at 9:00 AM sharp in the Orange County New York Supreme Court before Judge Lawrence Horowitz in courtroom 6 of the courthouse.

There is no way to know how long the hearing will last. It might be over in two seconds or it might last all day.

I also do not know whether there will be actual testimony.

I do know that there will be no USCF employees present because they have been instructed not to attend.

One prominent and well known chess player has told me that he is thinking of attending as a spectator.

I would encourage any local chess players interested in such matters to attend, because this hearing is likely to determine the fate and future of the United States Chess Federation.

The Short Line Bus Company goes from New York City to Goshen. Unfortunately, the first bus in the morning arrives at 10:03 AM. Since the hearing is scheduled at 9:00 AM, I am forced to go up the night before. I understand that there are some nice bridges to sleep under in Goshen.

The courthouse is located at 255 Main Street. It is a big building in a small town. Here is a picture:

Sam Sloan

I have filed suit against the United States Chess Federation and five of its board members to stop the sale of the building and the move to Crossville, Tennessee. The title of the case is Sloan vs. Marinello. It is pending in Goshen, Orange County, New York. The judge is Hon. Lawrence Ivan Horowitz. It has two index numbers: 2004-7635 and 2004-7739 . Here are the documents I have filed in court, in both HTML format and PDF format:
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