Is Beatriz Marinello having trouble because of the Patriot Act?

Is Beatriz Marinello having trouble because of the Patriot Act?

An interesting development has arisen. As everyone knows by now, the USCF sold the building for approximately $513,000 and put the money in a bank account with Beatriz Marinello as the signing authority.

Beatriz Marinello has been trying to move the money to another bank out of reach of the courts.

There seems to be a problem with the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act. Beatriz Marinello is a national of Chile. The bank has some additional requirements because Beatriz is not a US Citizen and she is trying to move a large amount of money, more than $500,000.

The bank wants some additional documentation from Beatriz such as photo ID or a driver's license. For some reason, Beatriz has not been cooperating up until now.

Nobody seems to know what the immigration status of Beatriz is. Is she a citizen? Does she hold a green card? Is she even an illegal alien?

Beatriz came to the US in 1990. She got her green card by being married very briefly to a well known chess master. I saw him yesterday. I have always felt that this is a personal matter and have never asked him about this, but now I feel that perhaps I should.

I do not know how the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act applies, but it should be obvious that when any foreign national tries to move large amounts of cash, in this case more than $500,000, that alarms will go off.

Of course, we all know that Beatriz Marinello is not an international terrorist and she is not trying to blow up any buildings. She is just trying to engage in a little honest embezzlement of the traditional type. Still, laws are laws and so far Beatriz Marinello has been either unwilling or unable to follow them.

Sam Sloan

I have filed suit against the United States Chess Federation and five of its board members to stop the sale of the building and the move to Crossville, Tennessee. The title of the case is Sloan vs. Marinello. It is pending in Goshen, Orange County, New York. The judge is Hon. Lawrence Ivan Horowitz. It has two index numbers: 2004-7635 and 2004-7739 . Here are the documents I have filed in court, in both HTML format and PDF format:
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