Kyoko and Mika Kano, Japan's top female celebrities

They can't sing. They can't dance. Their tits are fake. They are probably not even sisters. Nothing about them seems to be real.
Kyoko and Mika Kano
Kyoko and Mika Kano

Yet, Kyoko and Mika Kano, two unusually buxom beauties better known here simply as the Kano sisters, are arguably Japan's top female celebrities, and they are now working to extend their appeal beyond the archipelago. They were greeted with great fanfare at the opening party for the Cannes Film Festival last year, and the 20th Century Fox video entertainment unit in Japan recently anointed them this country's most likely Bond girls. They say they are now poised to sign a contract with IMG, a marketing company, that they hope will expand their audience globally.

They live glamorously and share their experiences, dispensing beauty, travel, dining and exercise tips along with advice about relationships based on their own activities. Photographs of them out on the town, their extraordinarily buff bodies clad in the barest of glittering gowns, are staples of the society columns in weekly magazines, and they have built a brisk business in exercise videos and soft-focus calendars featuring them purportedly being themselves, which apparently involves a lot of time spent in the nude.

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