Sam Sloan's Parole Granted by Virginia Parole Board

On April 13, 1994, I was granted parole by the Virginia Parole Board. The date is significant because this was the last date that the Virginia Parole Board was in office. George Allen had just been elected governor and one of the first things he did when he took office was fire the Parole Board and replace them with a hard line group which was opposed to granting any parole at all.

The old parole board was given a few days to clean out their desks and leave. They obviously knew that Sam Sloan was not guilty of anything but that politically powerful people in Virginia wanted him in jail to cover up their own crimes, including especially their involvement in the kidnapping of his daughter, Shamema.

So, the old parole board waited until the last hour of the last day they were in office and then ordered my release.

It is to be noted that the kidnappers of my daughter, including Commonwealth Attorney Bill Petty and Judge Michael Gamble, wanted me sentenced to 15 years in prison for the crimes they committed. Had they gotten their wish, I would be in jail now and would not be able to post this on the Internet.

Sam Sloan

Order Granting Sam Sloan Parole
Order Granting Sam Sloan Parole


Order of Release


In accordance with law (Title 53.1, Chapter IV, Code of Virginia), you have been granted parole. If accepted by you, your release from the Division of Adult Institutional Services is directed upon development of an acceptable parole plan.

Your case is now being referred by the Board to the Parole Release Manager, Division of Adult Community Corrections, P.O. Box 26963, Richmond, Virginia 23261, whose staff will develop the placement plan and set your release date,. The Parole Board hereby delegates to the Parole Release Manager the authority to release you subject to the Virginia Parole Board Conditions of Parole. If you have any questions about your parole, you should contact that office.

It is important during this period that you be very careful not to allow your attitude or conduct to jeopardize the possibility of your being paroled.

Final action to parole is not taken until you have signed the Condition. of Parole. In no case, of course, an a person be released before becoming legally eligible. If you have already reached your parole eligibility, however, your parole date can be set-for any future date.

There are no special condition. to your parole beyond those listed on the conditions of Parole form.

By direction of the Virginia Parole Board:

Clarence L. Jackson, Jr.

April 13, 1994



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