Letter to Raja Abdul Rashid Regarding Marriage to Honzagool

Mohammad Ismail Sloan
P. 0. Box 5243
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

December 8, 1987

Raja Abdul Rashid
House No. 141, Street 60
G 9/4
Islamabad, Pakistan

Dear Mr. Raja Abdul Rashid:

It has been brought to my attention that you have been having sexual intercourse with my wife.

Adultery is a serious crime in Pakistan. Since you are a lawyer, I do not need to tell you what the punishment for that particular crime happens to be.

I was married to Honzagool in a perfectly valid, proper and legal marriage ceremony in Chitral, Pakistan in February, 1980. We have one child together. I have never divorced her and have no intention of doing so. In addition, I have never been notified of any legal proceedings in any country or jurisdiction anywhere to terminate this marriage.

No doubt you are using your position as a lawyer to attempt to use some tricks and loopholes to give a legal rubric to this absolutely illegal connection between you and my wife. However, this will merely make the punishment more severe when the law finally catches up with you.

Your relationship with my wife no doubt comes about through the efforts of Raja Ehsan Aziz, the man who made such a great effort to steal my wife away from me starting in 1982. Raja Aziz has made a considerable amount of money by exploiting my wife over the past five years and now he has brought you into his scheme.

I hereby demand that you immediately return my wife to me. In any case, I will be pursuing all lawful and legal means against you, and not employing the illegal means which you and your group have used against me in the past.

Very Truly Yours,

Mohammad Ismail Sloan

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