Why does Jim Pechac, USCF Treasurer, refuse to provide Consolidated Financial Statements?

On 11 Oct 2000 13:27:18 GMT, chessdon@aol.com (Chessdon) wrote:

>It appears that the USCF has stopped producing Consolidated Financial Reports. >

I hope everybody understands the importance of this.

Under various plans and delegate resolutions interpreted different ways by different people at different times, including the notorious 4% vs. 6% resolution, money has been shifting back and forth between operations accounts and LMA accounts for many years.

However, without a consolidated statement of financial condition, it is impossible for outsiders such as us to determine what the true financial condition of the USCF is.

I have been wondering where the roadblock lies and who is preventing the members from finding out what is the financial condition of the USCF.

According to this posting, Jim Pechac is the person who is keeping secret and preventing the members from determining the financial condition of the USCF.

I am disappointed in Pechac for this and I hope that he quickly reforms and learns the error of his ways.

Sam Sloan

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