Sam's bid to hold the Chess Olympics in San Francisco

Tom Dorsch keeps inventing these fantastic stories. I ignore 95% of what he says, and then he claims that by not responding to him I have admitted that what he says is true.

First, the fact is that the 1994 World Chess Olympiad was scheduled to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece. However, the Greeks backed out only about 21 days before the event was scheduled to start.

As I was living in San Francisco at the time, I came up with the idea to hold the event in San Francisco, one point being that since this would be a last minute deal, we would not have to provide the luxurious accommodations which the organizers normally are expected to provide to the players at an Olympiad.
The Bourne Mansion at 2550 Webster Street, San Francisco

I was familiar with a number of moderately priced hotels located near the San Francisco Hilton Hotel and that the nearby Glide Memorial Church could provide reasonably priced meals to the players.

It is true that I did mention that my girlfriend at the time had a net worth of $5 million (her figure, not mine) and that she was fully in favor of my organizing this event. So, she was behind me.

I never submitted a formal bid to FIDE (which would have required a deposit, I believe). I did go down to City Hall and talk to some people in the San Francisco Mayor's office about this.

George Koltanowski later told me that the SF Chronicle called him up and said that they were going to publish a story about my efforts to hold the Olympiad in San Francisco. However, Koltanowski told them not to publish the story.

My efforts were short lived because only two or three weeks later Moscow surprisingly offered to host the Olympiad. My idea of San Francisco as a last resort went out the window.
Arden Van Upp holding one of her Persian Silver Chinchilla Cats

As it turned out, the Moscow Olympiad was a disaster. The players would have far preferred to be sleeping in the Tenderloin and eating at the Glide.

I never tried to con Arden out of any money. To the contrary, she was a defendant to many lawsuits, one of which started in 1975 and lasted for more than 20 years. It may still be going for all I know. I became her legal adviser and ghost wrote all of her letters and pleadings.

One of the suits involving Arden was brought by her brother and sister to gain control of the assets of her mother, Doris Rich, who had a net worth of $1.5 million. This was chicken feed for Arden but a lot of money for her brother and sister who were broke.

In the course of this litigation, the mother, Doris Rich, escaped and hid out in my ex-wife's apartment in Alameda with my daughter Jessica. The crooked judge in Solano County thought that Arden was hiding her mother from the court. He had Arden put in jail for contempt for refusing to reveal the whereabouts of her mother.

Actually, Arden did not know where her mother was. Only I and my daughter Jessica knew. The mother had told me not to tell Arden, because she knew she was going to be house arrested by Judge Smith, the crooked judge in Solano County, who was obviously on the take.

As to her daughter Arden who was in jail for contempt, the mother said, "Do not worry about her. Arden likes it in the jail, because they give her free food there."

However, I made the terrible mistake of telling her whereabouts to a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle named Tara Shioya, subject to the condition that this was confidential and it was not under any circumstances to be revealed to anybody, including the court.

About a week later, Tara Shioya, apparently forgetting that she had made a deal with me not to reveal the whereabouts of Doris Rich and feeling sorry for Arden Van Upp who was still in the Solano County Jail, told Arden's lawyer where Doris Rich was. The immediate result was that the lawyer, Robert Kroll, and the newspaper reporter ratted out Doris Rich. Doris Rich was arrested and placed under house arrest, where she remains to this day, nearly five years later. Arden was sprung from the jail of course and thereby deprived of all the free food she was getting.

This incident, which took place in January 1995, has convinced me that it is not only Virginia judges who are crooked. San Francisco Bay Area judges are crooked too, because their sole motivation in this case was to get their hands on the $1.5 million that belonged to Doris Rich.

They put Arden in jail to get this money because they thought she knew where her mother was, and she did not know. (Of course, they had never heard of Sam Sloan.) They have ever since used this incident to prevent Arden and her mother from seeing each other and, of course, they have long since stolen the $1.5 million.

I wonder how Tom Dorsch links my brother, Creighton, into this, because my brother knew nothing about this and has never even heard of Arden Van Upp and her mother. I never instituted any court proceedings involving Arden. All of these court cases were going before I arrived in San Francisco in 1994, and they are still going on to this day, even though I have had nothing to do with Arden in more than two years.

I must confess that Arden is not a perfect person. One of her bad habits concerns the telephone. She has a service called The Party Fax in which for $50 per year she faxes a list of parties and events going on in San Francisco. This involves a high phone bill. Since she owns a 28 room mansion at the top of Pacific Heights, she takes out telephone service under fictitious names and then runs up a $300 bill before the line is disconnected.

She has taken out a phone in the name of everyone she can think of, including her mother and her ex-husband.

I did not realize when she invited me to live in her house at 2550 Webster Street that she was going to use my name to buy things on credit and never pay for them, thereby ruining my credit. She took out a telephone in my name and then made $300 in charge calls, until the line was disconnected.

Then, she took out a line in the name of my friend in Japan and put $300 on that phone bill until that line was also disconnected.

She said it would not matter because he lived in Japan and would never find out about it, but he did find out because they have TRW in Japan and it has recently showed up on his TRW Credit report.

Now, both his credit and my credit have been ruined by Arden Van Upp.

I just wonder what is the source for all of Tom Dorsch's misinformation. Does he make this stuff up himself, or has he actually spoken with Arden Van Upp?

Sam Sloan

On 24 Oct 1999 23:10:44 GMT, (TOMDORSCH) wrote:

>>I never said my millionaire girlfriend would put up the money.

>>I said my millionaire girlfriend had the money, which she did.

>>She was planning on keeping it.

>>Sam Sloan


There are a couple of relevant facts that we have not included, but which shed light on whether your behavior is "harmless and entertaining," or another scam by a career criminal.

In the first place, you submitted, or purported to submit, a formal bid in the amount of $3 million to FIDE.

In the second place, you apparently never cleared this bid with your girlfriend, Arden. She did not know what you were doing on her behalf with her money.

In the third place, you apparently spent some time trying to separate her from her money. You ran a con that Creighton Sloan (or her mother, or some other family member) was trying to steal her money from her, and that she should trust you with it. You initiated a series of court proceedings attempting to wrest control of her money from responsible parties to put it where you could access it.

Finally, she realized you were out to scam her and kicked you out of her place. You refused to leave. You accused her of running up *your* phone bill, among other things.

In the end, she escaped intact, but not after you tried for many months to con her into giving you her money and put her through hell.

Tom Dorsch

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 02:22:02 -0500, Paul Onstad ( ) wrote:

Sam, Sam, great story (you have lived many lives) but you don't give out your credit card number--not even to friends. Worse yet, if you have friends who don't know that, you don't give out their credit card numbers.

If I could have told you this a few years back I'd have saved you a lot of trouble.


I did not have a credit card number and neither did my friend in Japan.

Arden Van Upp just used our names to take out a telephone line.

She has pulled this scam many times. She has been doing this ever since she purchased this 28 room mansion, the Bourne Mansion, in 1973. Most people, after they do this once or twice, cannot get a telephone any more. The way Arden gets away with this is that Mr. X, the tenant in room number 1, gets a telephone. He absconds without paying the bill. After that, Mr. Y, a tenant in room number 2, gets a telephone. He also absconds without paying the bill.

Through this process, Arden goes through all 28 rooms of the house. Since it takes 2 or 3 months before Pacific Bell disconnects each line, it takes between 4 and 7 years before she goes through all the rooms in the house. Then she starts over with room number 1 again.

Of course, none of these people actually live in the house. Arden lives there alone. These are all fake people.

It is due to this and various other scams plus eating free discarded food from the local restaurants and other strange habits which Arden Van Upp has that she has accumulated her net worth of five million dollars. She owns two apartment buildings and never spends any money at all.

This also explains why she found it useful to have me move into her house and live with her.

Sam Sloan

On 25 Oct 1999 14:29:39 GMT, in (Al Lawrence) wrote:

Too much! "Arden Van Upp"?! Dickens couldn't do better. According to Sam, she's practically the Uriah Heap of SF. Made her money by pulling a "revolving room" con on the phone company and eating out of garbage cans.

Talk about "cost-cutting"! USCF needs this mythical woman!

Of course, according to Sam, she left a string of innocent victims, like Drudge, who had fine credit ratings until they were taken in by this Matahari of non-manged Mostacelli.

Mi scusi for my incompetent Italian spelling.

Chao, al lawrence

On 25 Oct 1999 17:36:08 GMT, (ASCACHESS) wrote:


Didn't you tell this same story before, but with different players in the roles?

Is Doris hiding out somewhere in the middle east?

Richard Peterson

No. I did not tell this story before.

However, the reason you think I did is because the situation of Doris Rich and her children was very similar to the situation of my own mother and her children.

I got interested in the case of Doris Rich precisely because it was so similar to the situation of my own mother.

And I did indeed advise Arden to take her mother to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates just as I had taken my own mother there, but Arden would not do it because of her real estate holdings in San Francisco.

What bothers me the most about this situation was Arden went to jail for something she did not do and actually I did, plus Arden has not been allowed to see her mother and her mother has not been allowed to see Arden for the past five years because of this incident.

Of course, all the crooked lawyers and judges involved in the case, especially Tosh G. Yamamoto and Robert K. Bolt, find it to their financial advantage to blame everything on Arden and to leave my name out of it, because she is the one who has the five million dollars and I do not have anything.

Doris Rich is not in the Middle East. She is under house arrest at 733 York Street, Vallejo California.

Sam Sloan

On 25 Oct 1999 16:38:03 -0500, Bruce Draney ( ) wrote:

What I don't understand about this whole incomplete story is why was this woman's mother in jail/prison for years? Was she committed? Did she commit some crime? Why did they put the mother in jail if it's the daughter that's running phone scams? Last I knew people don't get put away for years for hiding in Sam Sloan's apartment (although maybe they should undergo an examination).

There's something that doesn't add up here, based on what we've heard.

Best Regards,


The telephone scams and the other little scams by Arden Van Upp are unrelated to the case of her mother.

Arden has a lot of little scams. For example, she rents apartments and she never, ever gives the security deposit back. I have a girl who writes me letters by e-mail who has been trying to get her security deposit back since 1994 without success even though she has judgment against Arden in the San Francisco Small Claims Court. Arden uses six different names, so she can never find her bank account.

However, in the case of her mother, Arden was completely right. Arden was in the Solano County Jail not for years but for about five days. She was in for three days and then they let her out. They staked out her house at 2550 Webster Street, figuring that she would go to see her mother and that the private detective they had hired would follow her to her mother.

However, Arden did not leave the house all weekend. The reason was she had no idea where her mother was, because I had her mother and her mother had told me not to tell Arden.

When the case was back in court on Monday morning, Judge Jensen threw the book are Arden saying that she should have gone out of the house to look for her mother. He put Arden back in jail.

In addition, Arden's brother, Neel Rich, called the Fire Department and claimed that Arden's mother, Doris Rich, was a prisoner in the house at 2550 Webster Street. The fire department came. As it happened, I was not home at the time (I was living there) so the San Francisco Fire Department broke down all the doors, the front door and the internal doors. I came home late at night and found that the house had been broken into. I thought a burglar had done it. I did not know that the Fire Department had done it.

Arden's mother was not even in San Francisco. She was in Alameda in my ex-wife's apartment and only I knew where that was.

Doris Rich would have stayed in my ex-wife's apartment forever and she would still be there now and Arden would perhaps still be in jail, except that the San Francisco Chronicle reporter ratted her out by revealing her whereabouts, breaking an agreement she had made with me to keep this a secret.

By this time, this case had been on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle for several days running.

Doris Rich was arrested. However, under California law, an elderly person cannot be locked up in a nursing home. If they are to be held prisoner, it must be in their own home. I believe that the voters voted this into the California constitution some years ago.

For this reason, Doris Rich has been under house arrest in her own house at 733 York Street, Vallejo, California since January, 1995. She is not allowed to go out to see anybody and nobody is allowed to go inside to see her, especially not her daughter, Arden.

The conservator pays himself more than $100,000 per year to keep Doris Rich under house arrest, since he has control of her bank accounts and real estate.

I wish that they had that law in other states, because my own mother has been locked up by my brother since 1990. My mother's house, worth more than $150,000, has been sold and all the money has disappeared. Had they been required to keep my mother in her own house, at least she would still have a house.

Sam Sloan

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