Here is Where I Live in San Francisco

The Bourn Mansion was built by the richest man in San Francisco and is right at the highest point in Pacific Heights, at 2550 Webster Street.

Contrary to widespread belief, the Bourn Mansion is not a haunted house.

William Bourn, (1857-1936) who built the Bourn Mansion in 1896, was the richest man in California and perhaps one of the richest in the world. He made his money in the aftermath of the California Gold Rush. He was on his way to England to study when he heard that his father had died. He turned back and took over his father's business. He never made it to England. Instead, he built up what eventually became Pacific Gas and Electric ("PG&E") and he owned the Spring Valley Water Company which provided the water to San Francisco.
The Bourn Mansion in San Francisco

The Bourn Mansion at 2550 Webster Street in San Francisco was one of several grandiose projects of Mr. Bourn. It was designed by Willis Polk, a famous architect. It sits at the highest point in Pacific Heights, which is the most exclusive area of San Francisco.

An episode of the popular TV series "Streets of San Francisco" was filmed inside the Bourn Mansion. A porn movie entitled "The Vixen" by Swedish Erotica was also filmed there.

The Bourn Mansion has fallen into hard times lately. As a result, Sam Sloan now lives there.

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UPDATE: According to a recent book, the correct spelling is Bourn rather than Bourne.
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