Medical Tests Prove: Semen Makes Women Happy!

Medical Tests and polls by the Gallop Organization have proven that semen in a Woman's Vagina will make her happy. On the other hand, women whose partners use condoms are more likely to be depressed. In addition, tendencies towards suicide are much more common among women whose partners use condoms than among those who do not.

There is a medical explanation for this: Semen contains hormones which are known to function as anti-depressants. On the other hand, women in general do not like condoms. They report that condoms make them feel "icky" or "yucky".
Passion Julinsey while she was receiving her daily injections of semen.
As long as she was receiving her daily injections of hot semen, Passion Julinsey was happy. However, later, when she cut down on her infusions of semen, she became marose, fat and unhappy.

I have always tried to do my bit in this regard. It has been my firm policy always to inject semen into the woman's vagina. I always try to keep my women filled up. Perhaps this is why I have eight children.

It has also been my personal observation that when a woman reduces or withdraws from sexual activity, she often becomes depressed, becomes fat or overweight and no longer tries to look her best or to take care of herself. Two of my former partners are dramatic examples of this, the most recent being Passion Julinsey, who started putting on weight as she cut down on sex with me. I attributed this to lack of exercise (sex is good exercise), but the semen/depression studies seem to provide a better explanation.

Here are two recent reports on this subject:

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Sam Sloan

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