Why do women spread their legs when they are having sex?

Women all over the world, from every culture, race and tribe, to exactly the same thing when having sexual intercourse: They spread their legs apart and eventually raise them high in the air. Why is that?

Even virgins and girls unfamiliar with sex seem to do this automatically. Why is that?

This is one of those timeless questions. I have discussed this issue with others, but I have never seen it mentioned in any book or article.

Rather than express my own opinion on this issue (because I have one) I am opening up a guest book to hear what others think.

Here are possible considerations: Do women spread their legs, and eventually pull their legs up in the air, to increase their own sexual pleasure, to allow the man deeper penetration, or simply to get out of the way of the man and make room for him.

Are women genetically programmed to spread their legs when a man approaches (as many females in the animal kingdom are programmed)?

If a woman is being raped, does she still spread her legs? If so, or if not, why does she do that?

What do you think? Express your opinion in the guestbook!

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: There have been 62 entries in my guestbook from persons expressing an opinion on this. However, one entry convinces me that the woman who wrote it has the right answer. Here it is:

Name: Cindy
Sent: 9:30 PM - 7/14
I read the guys' theories and you're all wrong. It feels better to spread our legs during sex and masturbation. If any of you guys actually have girlfriends, ask them if they spread their legs when they jack off as well. I think you will find that it is almost impossible not to. So, I conclude that the cause of this spreading of the legs and raising of the hips can't be based on deeper penetration because masturbation does not have to involve any penetration at all. For me, the wider I spread my legs, during sex or masturbation, the better it feels. Ask a woman.

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