Why Do Women Feel the Irrepressible Urge to Pose Nude on the Internet?

One thing which almost everybody has not been able to help but notice is that there are millions of photos of naked women and girls on the Internet, and thousands more are being posted every day.

Of course, the photos are there because somebody wants to see them. However, that does not explain why there are so many. It is clear that the women and girls who pose for these photos are not unwilling subjects. They are there because they want to be.
Why Do Women Do This?

Financial considerations could not be a significant factor. It is obvious that most of these girls are not being paid. There is not enough money in the world to pay any significant amount to all of the women who pose for these pictures.

So, why do they do it?

My opinion is that genetics are the primary factor. Throughout the animal kingdom, the males are programmed to go out and seek the females. The females do not actively go out and seek sex. They merely make themselves available, perhaps by simply not running too fast when approached by a male.

To get what they want, the females have to show what they’ve got. So, among humans, women feel a genetic need to strip naked, spread their legs and pose on the Internet.

That is my opinion: What do you think? Express your opinion in the guestbook!

This has also led me to believe that the old stories about the “casting couch” are true. It was said that in the old days, every famous movie producer had a long couch in his office. When a young starlet came in to be auditioned for a part, she already knew that to receive any consideration at all, she would have to lie on the couch and spread her legs. Most of them did it. The few who did not never made it into the movies.

Sam Sloan

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