Secret Alliances in RGCP

I imagine that almost everybody has noticed that there are secret alliances on the newsgroup, people who always support each other and who always suddenly seem to have the same ideas.

For example, Bruce Draney has posted by far more than anybody else on rgcp. A total of 3700 postings have been by Draney. Check if you doubt this.

I have never met him. He is probably personally a nice guy, but he is discredited by the fact that he obviously gets many of his ideas from certain other people.

For example, he often writes about the need to have a new rule book. It is obvious that he gets this idea from Tom Dorsch, who wants a new rule book written because the current rulebook was written by Bill Goichberg and Carol Jarecki, who are enemies of Dorsch. Dorsch rarely directs a chess tournament and wants the rules written in such a way that will make it difficult for Goichberg and Jarecki, two of the most active tournament directors in America, to conduct their events.

Similarly, Draney wants a sign-in sheet, so that anybody coming to the USCF office will 8have to sign in. However, again he is just parroting a demand by Tom Dorsch and is once again worshipping at Tom's alter.

The reason Tom wanted this information while he was on the Policy Board was not for security purposes but because he wanted to know how many times the office was visited by Bill Goichberg and Steve Immitt, both of whom moved to the neighborhood because of their frequent need to be there due to the fact that they are the two top chess organizers in the USA.

Since the election, Draney has established a certain degree of independence, to such an extent that some of his ideas seem to come from Draney and not from Dorsch.

Draney often talks about declining adult memberships. That is clearly a Draney theme, not a Dorsch theme.

Another secret alliance is between Stan Vaughan and Larry Parr. This has been going on for some time, which has surprised me because Vaughan banned for life Larry Evans, Parr's mentor, from playing chess in Nevada. Nevertheless, the Parr-Vaughan connection has been readily apparent for more than six months.

The most political person on the group is Tom Dorsch. Dorsch obviously has a list of enemies and a list of friends. Dorsch will attack anything said by anyone on his enemies list and will defend anything done by anyone on his friends list, no matter how bad. Currently, myself, Eric Johnson and Tim Hanke are at the top of Tom's enemies list. Goichberg used to be his number one enemy, but has dropped out, as has Cavallo, Tom's number two enemy. On Tom's friends list are Al Lawrence, Gerald Dullea, Tim Redman, and Leroy Dubeck.

These are my observations. I would like to ask others to post whatever they believe are the secret alliances on the group.

Sam Sloan

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