Rape in the Trobrian Islands Yam Festival

I don't know but I've been told that in the Trobrian Islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea, the women rape the men, during the yam festival.

The primary food of the Trobrian Islanders is yams. A yam is shaped like a male penis and during the annual yam festival gangs of girls will grab a man, drag him off and rape him. This poses such a danger to the male population that men commonly walk in groups of two or three to protect themselves.
Trobrian Islander Girl
Trobrian Islands Girl

At first I did not believe this story, but there is enough evidence for it to merit further investigation.

For example, one Australian man reported that he had been raped twice by gangs of Trobrian girls. It was a terrifying experience when it first happened but, after he got used to it, it was not so bad after all, he said.

Naturally you will want to investigate this for anthropological research purposes of course, but the Trobrian Islands, also spelled Trobriand, are not easy to reach. The Trobrian Islands are located off the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea and south of the Island of New Britain.

The Yam Festival only happens once a year, in August, so be sure not to go there at that time or this cruel fate could befall you too!

Two major factors which may contribute to this are that the yams which the Trobrian Islanders eat contain natural hormones which prevent child conception. Therefore, Trobrian girls almost never get pregnant during the Yam Festival. The Trobrian Islanders are so primitive that they do not even realize that sexual intercourse leads to conception and child birth. They are among the many primitive tribes who are not aware of the link between sex and babies being born.

Here is a picture of a typical Trobrian Islander girl. I am sure that you will agree that it would be a horrible experience to be raped by such a girl.

Sam Sloan

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