"If I had been Sam Sloan that he would have arrested me on the spot"

From: "CuChullaine O'Reilly" equestrianexplorer@thelongridersguild.com

To: "Sam Sloan" sloan@ishipress.com
Subject: Re: Reward for Sam Sloan
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 00:56:48 -0500

Dear Sam,

Asadullah here.

Just spoke to an old friend, Noor Mohammad Khan of Peshawar.

He recalled that he originally heard about you when we rode through Hunza, bound for Peshawar, that would have been late 1982.

Of the wanted poster, he knew nothing, except what I had originally told him. But he did seem to recall that he also heard about you down in Rawalpindi, later that same year, the usual story that you had taken some innocent mountain girl to New York, etc.
Me on my mare Shavon
The last image, titled "Shavon Publicity" shows me on my mare Shavon. It was taken in the North West Frontier Provence during the summer of 1982. Ironically, this photo was taken by some nice policemen who had a road block set up between Peshawar and the Malakand Pass. A few hours later a group of Afghan refugees mistook me for a Commie spy. At first Shavon and I escaped. However we were soon captured, where by I was drug from the saddle, pistol whipped, and kidnapped. I only managed to escape through the miraculous apperance of a kindly Pathan stranger who understood my dire predictcament.

One last bit of information about this entire episode though.

After I sent my last email, I recalled that the government man who opened the reward poster admitted that if I had been Sam Sloan that he would have arrested me on the spot. I also recall that short of taking out my passport, I had to convince him pretty strongly that I was who I claimed to be.

After racking my brain I can't recall much more about the wanted poster - except that it was written in English - listed both your names Sam & Ismael - said you "claimed" to be a Muslim - gave some brief details about how you were wanted for taking Hunzagool to the USA - said you were either believed to be in the area or liable to return once again because you were supposedly searching for another native girl to "marry".

48 hours later I was almost dead myself, so I didn't have any time to even recall this odd episode for until many years later.

I have diaries from that horse trip. Unfortunately by this time on the trip I was taking very few notes. However I will take a look in these notes for any references to you, etc, and let you know.

Hope this has been of some small help.

You didn't ask, but I will suggest anyway, that I don't think you could go back up there without encountering some severe problems, legally and physically.

Besides our travel trails crossing, I also share the unfortunate pleasure, like you, of having been imprisoned over there. My own vacation in the cross-bar hotel was in Pindi, not Kabul.

But I don't suggest any time in a Pakistani prison, no matter where it is.

best wishes,

CuChullaine O'Reilly a.k.a. Asadullah Khan

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