Picture of my son on the New York Masters website

A picture of my son, Peter Aravena Sloan, has been published on the New York Masters website at http://www.newyorkmasters.com/players/PeterAravena.html

Sam Sloan
Peter Sloan
Sam Sloan
Peter Sloan

My son is 23 years old and is a rated chess master, with a rating of 2268.


His mother is Anda, from Latvia.

Grandmaster William Lombardy recently wrote:

"By the way, have you seen Peter's results in the last two Marshall gm/30 Tuesday Masters? Last week he scored a very creditable 2-2 and this week he scored 3-1, winning the under 2400 prize! He beat several very strong masters, including 2 wins over Krush! He's certainly got your intellectual genes!"

This last is a great compliment to me since my son is now rated more than 300 points higher that I am. In his most recent tournament he defeated three players rated over 2400.


Sam Sloan

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