Photo of my great grandmother, Carrie Cassel Jacobson

Carrie Cassel was the youngest daughter of Peter Cassel, who in 1845 established the first Swedish settlement in Iowa. She was also the only daughter of Peter Cassel born in America. Peter Cassel was born in 1790, so he was 61 years old when his daughter Carrie was born.

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For a photo of her father-in-law, Jacob Axel Johansson, see: My great-great grandfather, Jacob Axel Johansson

For a newspaper clipping, 1926, in Swedish, of Axel Jacobson (1843-1935) and Carrie Cassel (1851-1942) on the occasion of their 50 th wedding anniversary, see: The Golden Wedding Anniversary

For a photo of my mother, the granddaughter of Carrie Cassel, see: Dr. Marjorie Jacobson

Here are more family history and photos:

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