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Bill Goichberg
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May 21, 1999

Dear Voting Member:
Tom Dorsch

USCF Treasurer Tom Dorsch is a candidate for the Executive Board. Mr. Dorsch also seeks to become USCF President, and at least two other Board candidates, Tim Redman and Helen Warren, have stated that if elected together with Mr. Dorsch, they will vote for him to be President.

To properly evaluate the candidacy of Mr. Dorsch, I believe it is essential that the voters become aware of his conduct as Treasurer, and I have enclosed a sample of his writings.

Please consider this material, and ask yourself whether Mr. Dorsch, if elected, is likely to behave in a professional manner, to contribute to a constructive atmosphere for discussion of issues, or to help project a positive image for our federation that all members can be proud of.

Sincerely yours,

Bill Goichberg

Bill Goichberg
USCF Vice President
PO Box 249, Salisbury Mills NY 12577 *** 914-496-9658

"Members of the USCF Policy Board have responsibilities of the highest order for the promotion of chess and for stewardship of the resources of the USCF. In the execution of these responsibilities, they are expected to act lawfully and in accordance with USCF policy, and to adhere consistently to the principles of fairness, honesty, and respect for the rights of others. They are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout the performance of all duties..." -Standards of Conduct for the USCF Policy Board, enacted in 1997

"It is time to elect a board that will work together effectively for the higher good of chess. If you honor me with your vote, I pledge to make cooperation with other board members a priority, and put the best interests of the membership and the organization first." -Tom Dorsch, campaign letter, May 24, 1996


"Schultz is incapable of making sound decisions. With 83% of his term yet to go, and this much damage inflicted in less than six months, it is not hyperbole to suggest that 'Don Schultz is destroying the USCF." (Tom Dorsch, e-mail, Dec 22, 1996)

"What could have been an era of new blood and great advances has left those of us involved with a very sour attitude, because Schultz is locked into egotism and perks instead of moving toward accomplishment. It's sad.." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Jan 26, 1997)

"I'm looking forward to candidate Sloan telling the truth about lying scumbags like Schultz for the next three months!" (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, April 8, 1997)

"First, the destruction of the collegial atmosphere on this Board is attributable to an inability of certain Board members, particularly the president, to act in good faith with other Board members." (Tom Dorsch, e-mail, May 13, 1997)

"Under Schultz, the PB has virtually ceased to function. He lacks the ability to lead, but he retains the obsessive need to control." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, May 21, 1998)

"Don Schultz is obviously panicked at the prospect of the BRC proposals being implemented. He has behaved like a crazy man-embracing OMOV (if just facetiously); bribing committee chairmen; introducing a series of Delegate Motions to eliminate the key provisions, and doing everything possible to delay implementation." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, July 31, 1998)

"There has been no approval of the trip by any non-FIDE reps, including Schultz, Cavallo, Jarecki, or any of the others who have in the past enjoyed international junkets on membership money for no legitimate USCF-related purpose. Of course, the impropriety of these frivolous misuses of money is magnified in times of great financial crisis, when the waste or misuse of every dollar should be scrutinized." (Tom Dorsch, e-mail to Finance Committee, March 10, 1999) Note: President Schultz has paid thousands of dollars of his own money to attend FIDE meetings, billing USCF for a grand total of about $300, for one meeting a year ago. Most prior USCF Presidents billed USCF for all expenses involved in attending FIDE meetings. Carol Jarecki has not been reimbursed for attending FIDE meetings during the term of this Policy Board.


"George- Neither you nor 'the highest source' has the guts to tell Goichberg, as you should, that using the office for a hangout in his free time is both a conflict of interest and a disruption to the staff." (Tom Dorsch, e-mail, Dec 11, 1996)

"A meeting with Goichberg? Bill, four times a year I have to sit with you all weekend and listen to you lie to me. Now you want me to do it five times a year. I have a better idea. Stop telling lies." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, May 3, 1997)

"All I want from Mr. Goichberg is to get his hand out of the till." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, May 6, 1998)

"Right next to annotations by Karpov is a statement about the World Open being in 'one of Philadelphia's best areas.' Someone who walked out of the hotel at night would have a cause of action against Goich for misrepresentation-if they survived the experience." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, May 6, 1998)

"Goich wants to use it to build his World Open, even though it is in a dangerous neighborhood next to a slum, it is boycotted by the GMS (lions have a sixth sense that tells them to avoid poisoned pools), and BG has never generated any meaningful publicity for his Philly events in decades." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, May 23, 1998)

"Goichberg is a white collar criminal." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, June 7, 1998 and June 18, 1998)

"The only difference between white collar criminals like Goichberg and the punks who rob 7-11 stores is that white-collar criminals like Goichberg, who use a pen instead of a gun, steal much more money, and get away with it more often. But as Treasurer I have an obligation to stop the abuses. So when you post on the newsgroup whether Goich might or might not be a thief, you can say that the Treasurer of the USCF has determined and reported in his official capacity that Goichberg has in fact committed these abuses." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, June 29, 1998)

"And anyone who wants to accomplish something knows that the Goichberg of the 70s, who occasionally did something beneficial for chess, died in the 70s. The cynical, debased character that has become a political fixture has nothing on his mind but shearing the sheep in Philadelphia each year of his $100 bounty per head." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, July 21, 1998)


"Bless you heart, Rachel, I know you are struggling to do the right thing. Just keep on doing it, because there is no force on heaven or earth that could affect you anyway. I welcome your return to these forums, I appreciate your earnestness, and I admire your unflagging optimism in the face of overwhelming contradictory factual evidence. We all share your dismay that the problems of the world can't just be ignored or wished away." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Dec 25, 1996)

"Let's just say, to paraphrase you, that 'I've had it up to here with the Liebermans.' ...And the person who changes history the most is YOUANDMYRON... Rachel, don't hide behind 'the Board.' 'The Board' is youandmyron. Schultz's disregard of proper procedures and reliance on 'action items' to conduct Board business, like his previous dishonest use of polling procedure and refusal to communicate, have been supported by youandmyron solidly right down the line." (Tom Dorsch, e-mail, May 27, 1997)

"Rachel Lieberman is not a chessplayer, and she is already on the PB! However, to look to her as an example of one who is not a chessplayer being an effective Board member would be a serious mistake. Rachel is the couterargument (sic)." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Sept 22,1998)

"Schultz, or one of his stooges like Rachel Lieberman, makes damn sure that everything that is posted or published conforms to the party line." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Sept 29,1998)

"This is more propaganda for the Outreach committee. From the minutes, you's think this was having a great effect on membership retention. Actually it is intended to have a great effect on Myron Lieberman's election, whether he runs this time under the name Rachel or under the name Myron." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Dec 29, 1998)


"Ah, Fergie the phoney chimes in. Why is it that Fergie is constantly railing about my 'inaccuracies,' but all he can find to quibble with are details? He never seems able to muster the wherewithal to identify and publish substantive mistakes of mine. The best encapsulation of Fergie I have heard is from an ex-president, 'The mouse has now turned into a rat." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Dec 13, 1996)

"Two weeks before he recedes back into the slime from which he emerged, Robert Ferguson speaks:" (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, July 17, 1997)


"He (Adams) is one of the few pure misanthropes I ever met. He doesn't like chessplayers, he despises masters, and when it comes right down to it he just plain dislikes people." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Dec 31, 1996)

"Faneuil in his hit letter felt compelled to state his curriculum vitae. Many of the things he adverts to, such as a business career, a first-rate education, etc., are the accouterments of privilege- inherited wealth opened doors to life, many years ago... Faneuil's two years of service on the Policy Board have by any standard been undistinguished." (Tom Dorsch, handout to delegates, Aug 8, 1997)


"...the federation's troglodytes, those enemies of change that routinely frustrate every initiative (Winston, Schultz, Goichberg, Adams, & Co.) are solidly behind Scott, and in exchange for their support they indubitably expect him to support their anti-growth policies." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, July 14, 1997)

"Scott was running for the PB as Schultz's candidate, so there is no chance that the truth could appear in the house organ. If it had, we might have elected someone with colorable competence instead of Scott, who by any standard has been a disaster." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Apr 6, 1999)


"Jim- Of course everything you said about Myron's lack of cooperation and Rachel's lack of objectivity is true... In a pattern that is depressingly redundant, Don failed to intervene effectively to head off the crisis, the de facto president, user 544001 (Adams) is still cloistered in his ivory tower, too detached to take an active role in USCF politics, and the ship of state careens out of control again. Are you guys proud of the job you're doing? Everybody else in the federation thinks you stink!" (Tom Dorsch, e-mail, Dec 29, 1996)

"Be aware that Rachel, along with Schultz, are the two reasons why the dysfunctional Schultz Board provides less relevant information to members than any PB in history." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Feb 27, 1998)

"I consider it impossible that we could get worse leadership than we presently have-literally any sentient individual picked at random off the street would come up with as many good ideas as such worthies as Schultz, Lieberman, or Goichberg. The real danger is that someone of that ilk will become entrenched, like some of our various 'presidents for life' in the state federations." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Sept 17, 1998)

"Lennie, I did not mean to suggest that average members are 'ignorant.' They are not, and any seven members chosen at random at a chess tournament would probably have a higher average IQ than the members of the PB." (Tom Dorsch, chess politics newsgroup, Sept 25, 1998)

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