Letter from his mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan

March 7, 1988
P.O. Box 5243
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Tel. 011-9712-776311

Dear family members and friends,

I am very sorry to say that I have been having a lot of trouble with my younger son lately. Creighton has been slandering me by telling everyone who is interested and willing to listen that I have Alzheimer's disease. He never contacts me directly, however, and his wife will not even give me his telephone number at work (assuming that he really had a job.)

I have been protesting that after spending more than forty years as a practicing psychiatrist, I know the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease better than he, and I am quite certain that I do not have it. I have been routinely examined by numerous doctors in various countries, none of whom have even mentioned the possibility that I have the disease.

However, none of my relatives and old friends have been siding with or listening to me. Instead, they apparently believe Creighton and are siding with him in a court case he has brought to seize control of all my assets. Some family members, particularly my brother Cassel, are actively helping Creighton. Others are staying "neutral". None of them are helping me.

I want to say this very clearly that I know that I am growing old, I know that I am not as strong as I used to be, but I also know that I do not have Alzheimer's disease. I have also obtained my medical records from Duke University Hospital and these records show that Creighton tried to convince Duke that I had Alzheimer's (not the other way around).

I do not appreciate the efforts of my relatives who, claiming to be acting in my best interests, are actually just trying to get ahold of my money. I have been a strong willed and independent person. Even though I am about to turn 78 years old, I feel that I should have the right to decide where I want to live and how I will spend the remainder of my life.

I tried living with Creighton for some time, but it did not work out. I was not happy there and it proved to be an expensive proposition for me. I also did not like being shuttled back and forth between other relatives, two weeks here and two weeks there.

Creighton has managed to gain control or to obtain a freeze on all of my bank accounts. He has also stopped my Virginia State Retirement check since March, 1987. (I am not getting the money, but he is not either.) In spite of having access to a large amount of my assets, he refuses to allow me to have any of my own money or to pay any of my expenses, not even the premiums on my life insurance, which are now in default. However, my assets are being used to pay the legal bills of the lawyers who are helping him, while I have had difficulty in retaining a lawyers of my own because I have had no money to pay. However, Creighton has been a bit careless lately and, as a result, I have been able to recover back some of the money he diverted from me.

In order to get away from Creighton, I have been forced to live in exile in Abu Dhabi. I am totally dependent on my other son, Sam. The only regular income I still receive is my social security check. Surprisingly enough, some of the friends of my late former husband, LeRoy B. Sloan, have been helping me, while my own blood relatives seem to have deserted me.

In the two years that this has been going on, I have written more than 100 letters to various relatives and old friends about this. So far, I have not received even one reply which addresses the problems I have been facing. I keep getting inane responses, such as one well intended letter from a niece who said that I really should visit her home because I am "so good at knitting" and should help her learn how to do it.

Now, I am pretty well dug in over here and my life will go on even if I have lost my life savings to Creighton (as presently appears to be the case). I have just about given up hope that anybody out there is actually going to try to help me. However, I decided to write this group letter so that everyone will understand my position. I hope you will excuse the fact that I do not have time to write a letter to everybody.

I am enclosing a copy of a letter Sam wrote recently, which explains the legal position better than I can. I helped Sam write that letter and as far as I know it presents the facts accurately. I am not asking for sympathy. I just want every one to know how I feel.

With love,


The above letter was handwritten by Dr. Marjorie Sloan, then aged almost 78, and mailed to about 30 of her old friends and relatives. She received only one response. That was from her former secretary, Mrs. Lillian Tweedy.

The "inane letter" of which she complains was written by her niece, Carol Jacobson, who was obviously trying to help her father, Cassel Jacobson, have Marjorie Sloan brought back to America. Carol was pregnant at the time and asked Marjorie Sloan to come to her home to help her learn how to knit, because she was "so good at knitting".

When Marjorie Sloan says "Surprisingly enough, some of the friends of my late former husband, LeRoy B. Sloan, have been helping me", she is referring to Howell Robinson and James Dishman. Howell Robinson was Leroy Sloan's best friend and did his best to help her by keeping her in touch with events in Lynchburg during her four years in exile. Howell Robinson died in 1999. James Dishman was a co-worker of Leroy Sloan in the Audit Division of the Internal Revenue Service in Lynchburg. James Dishman is now retired from the IRS and works as a private tax accountant in Lynchburg.

The fact that the letter was handwritten is important because it proves that Marjorie Sloan actually wrote the letter and that her handwriting had not changed in spite of her age.

Marjorie Sloan is still alive. She is 89 years old.

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