Judge Sue H. Roe allows my mother's money to be stolen

In April 1991, there was a hearing before Judge Sue H. Roe of the Aiken County Probate Court in South Carolina regarding the petitions of my brother Creighton to be appointed Guardian and Conservator of my mother.

In spite of overwhelming evidence that my brother had my mother kidnapped in Bangkok Thailand on September 3, 1990, in spite of my mother's stated opposition to the appointment of Creighton, and in spite of a dozen handwritten letters from my mother complaining that my brother for years had been stealing money from her bank accounts and had taken her pension and social security checks and had even stolen her car and was driving it without her permission (he had difficulty having a car in his own name because he had been involved in a large number of accidents), Judge Sue H. Roe appointed Creighton as the Guardian of my mother.

However, Judge Roe appointed the NCNB Bank as the Conservator to handle all my mother's finances.

My brother has had his mother locked up and held prisoner ever since the date of Judge Roe's decision. She is presently in the Aiken Adult Care Center where I saw her last week, after years in the Mattie C. Hall Health Care Center. However, she is still alive at age 90, in spite of ten years of first being kidnapped and then held in captivity.

During my trip last week to South Carolina to see my daughter graduate from US Marines Boot Camp, I went to the Aiken County Probate Court and photocopied 950 pages of documents. Judge Roe saw me there and walked past me twice but apparently did not recognize me; otherwise she would probably have me arrested and thrown out.

I was shocked to learn what I has long suspected, that Judge Roe's order of April 1991 has been ignored. Throughout the past nine years, my brother has continued to steal his mother's pension and social security checks. He has even filed reports claiming to be the conservator of my mother. However, the court records and the computer file in the court show that the Bank of America, the successor to the NCNB Bank, is still and always has been the Conservator of my mother.

In addition, in 1992, claiming to be my mother's conservator, my brother filed a court case in Virginia against me and my mother and got my mother's house sold for the paltry sum of $75,000, when the house was worth at least $150,000. That money has all been taken and disappeared.

More than that, since 1986, Creighton has had all his mother's bank accounts frozen in Virginia, with more than $300,000 in the accounts.

Here is a statement which Creighton filed with the Aiken County Probate Court which I photocopied during my visit to that court. It shows that in the year 1998, Creighton received $25,009.83 from the Virginia Supplemental Retirement System and $21,912.00 from Social Security, plus $4,840 in other income, for a grand total of $55,773.10.

Other statements show my brother receiving similar amounts of over $50,000 per year of my mother's money every year since 1991, so he has received more than $450,000 thus far.

Meanwhile my brother, who actually arranged the kidnapping of my daughter Shamema and hired the kidnappers, although Charles and Shelby Roberts paid for it, traveled twice to Virginia to testify against me and in favor of Charles and Shelby Roberts, the kidnappers of my daughter. Almost every time I have come to South Carolina, Creighton has tried to have me arrested. My car has repeatedly been searched by the police for weapons.

I am wondering if Judge Sue H. Roe has rocks in her brain or is suffering from Brain Rot. How could not she have remembered that she appointed the bank as the conservator, not Creighton, and that Creighton has no right to be handling his mother's money.

The statement filed by Creighton as "conservator" is posted on the Internet in GIF format at http://www.anusha.com/conserve.htm .

The decision by Judge Sue H. Roe appointing the bank, not Creighton, as Conservator, is posted at http://www.anusha.com/sueroe.htm. Creighton's petition to be appointed as conservator and guardian is posted at http://www.anusha.com/tucker.htm.

Sam Sloan


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