They're Back: The Evil Redman Gang has returned!

Everyone seems to have overlooked the next-to-last ADM in the Delegates Call: ADM 02-46 on page 22 of the Delegates Call:

This nefarious motion, which would take away one of the most important rights of the Executive Board, is co-sponsored by Denis Barry, Doris Barry, Leroy Dubeck, Tim Redman, Helen Warren, Jim Warren and George John.

To anyone who believes that the Redman Gang has been swept into the dustbin of chess history or who believes that George John has left the Redman Gang or was never a member, here is proof positive that the Gang is still alive and that George John is still a member in good standing of the Redman Gang.

ADM 02-46 states:

The Delegates hereby reappoint Bill Kelleher to another term as FIDE Delegate, Jim Eade to another term as FIDE Zonal President, and nominate Steve Doyle to another term as FIDE Vice-President.

Sponsors' Rationale: This team has worked effectively together and should continue to work on USCF's behalf in FIDE.

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