Cover Letter from Tim Just to George De Feis

Timothy W. Just
37165 Willow Lane
Gurnee, Illinois 60031
Phone 847-244-7954

February 3, 2001
Tim Just
Tim Just

RE: Rulebook Contract

George DeFeis, Executive Director
US Route 9W
New Windsor NY 12553

Dear George,

As per my earlier e-mail, enclosed is our signed contract with one change; i.e. the address US Route 9W was put in place of Route 9W. I am sure you will find everything in order after you read it over. Please sing it and return a copy to me for my files.

Further, you will find tax and payment information that USCF will need for section 10. Royalties and licenses:

As per section 10. Royalties and Licenses, Tim Just designates Chess Central as his duly authorized representative for all matters concerning advances and royalties. The FEIN number for Chess Central is: 36-4341911.

As per section 10ii any advances and royalties shall be shared with Dan Burg receiving 45% of any advances and royalties and Tim Just (Chess Central) receiving 55% of any advances and royalties.

I look forward to a great business relationship that will benefit chess in the long run. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Good Chess,

Tim Just

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