Justice for Tim Just

I am in the process of scanning for posting the USCF Chess Rulebook Contract signed by Tim Just and George DeFeis. My task is made more difficult by the large number of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the brief one-page cover letter written by Tim Just. This raises doubts about the quality of the book which Tim Just is to write pursuant to this contract.

Nevertheless, from this contract, there is much to be admired in Tim Just. Although it is clear that Tim Just is a man of challenged intellectual capability, he has been able to rise to the relatively high USCF Rating level of 1707. http://www.64.com/uscf/ratings/10334471
Tim Just
Tim Just

More than that, Just has been able to obtain an advance of $12,000 to write this book, in spite of the fact that he has never previously written a book nor has he previously written a published literary work of any kind. Many published authors, myself included, would be most happy to receive a guarantee of $12,000 for the relatively simple task of compiling, indexing and, if necessary, editing the rules of chess as passed by the USCF Delegates.

The negative side is that the counter-party to the contract was George De Feis who, as we now know, was an outright moron. Due to the vastly superior, albeit challenged, mental capabilities of Tim Just, as evidenced by his USCF rating of 1707, Just was able to get a favorable contract due to his vastly higher IQ, as compared with De Feis.

This problem, created by the fact that De Feis succumbed to the designs of the vastly intellectually superior Tim Just, has apparently led to a bail out by the USCF, whereby the USCF has paid or is about to pay to Tim Just the entire $12,000 in advance, in return for which Just has agreed to delete the anti-Goichberg rules in his rules and turn the rules draft over to the USCF.

The cover letter by Tim Just to George DeFeis follows.

Sam Sloan

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