What is the difference between Klem and Klum?

All of us have seen these cute puzzles, which show two pictures which appear to be identical but which in fact have very minor differences. The test will usually be to find fifteen differences between the two pictures.

Another kind of quiz is to take two very similar people or two people with very similar backgrounds and ask what is the difference between them. For example: Question: What is the difference between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Answer: The day before he was assassinated, Abraham Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland. The day before he was assassinated, John F. Kennedy was in Marylin Monroe.

Now, apply this sort of quiz to two chess personalities, Klem and Klum. Just so you know, Klem is known for his ruthless attempts in 1995-1999 to take over, dominate and control all chess in Las Vegas, along with his henchman Vaughan, for attempts to crush the opposition, and for crying and complaining ever since about the "disenfranchised 1600", who were school children who, according to Klem, only wanted to play chess under the rule of Klem and Vaughan and no other.

On the other hand, Klum is a top player, a better player than Klem actually, but you get no points for that answer. You will have to find other answers.

Now, take a close look at their two pictures. Of course, they look very much alike and their backgrounds, talents and abilities are very similar, not to mention their names, but there are differences between them.

Tom Klem
Heidi Klum

See if you can find any differences. Then, write them down and tell us what you think that they are. Finally, post your answers in the guestbook.

Post your answer here: What is the difference between Klem and Klum?

Sam Sloan

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