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Belgrade - President of the Union of chess writers Anatoly Karpov awarded with chess Oscars, three Yugoslavs Svetozar Gligoric and Borislav Ivkov for art in chess for seniors more than 60 years and Dimitrije Bjelica Chess Oscar of the Century for the biggest number of the books and videos 80 books with 190 editions and 35 videos and CD. The same Oscar for 103 chess books was given to Raymond Keene in London.

The list of Oscars appeared in the new number of the World Chess Review, Belgrade edited by Karpov and Bjelica, the photo from the ceremony in the Royal hotel with the winners agency Tanjug send to all Yugoslav media, but nobody published because Karpov is on the black list of the Yugoslav press after he gave to the court daily Politika, daily Express politika, weekly Nin and ex president of Serbian chess federation Milan Milicevic who wrote that Karpov only play for money in the Jugoslav Caffe and restorants.
Dimitrije Bjelica
Dimitrije Bjelica

The list of Oscars Ladies Judith Polgar, men Kramnik and Ponomarjev.

Best book colection The Kings of chess in 13 books by D. Bjelica in Serbian (Politika) in Spanish Zugarto (Madrid), Oscar for Air companies Malev (Hunagry) Al Italia) Italy, Oscars for humanity post mortem Miroslav Radojcic and Veselin Boskovic(Yugoslavia) Black Oscars: Macropulos (Greece) with the FIDE jury who took the titles from Karpov and Szuza Polgar, Campomanes who forbid the Arbiter title in Novi Sad Olympiad 1990 to D. Bjelica who was arbiter and director of the great tournaments in Linares, Bugojno and seven children's Olympiads.

Yugomarca (Belgrade) for pirate editions of the stamps of champions, Zin Belgrade the same they published coins of champions with the logo of the children's Olympiad, Francisi editore Aabano Terme, Italy, pirate editions of the chess books, Matanovic Alexander who forbid printing the World chess review in Yugoslavia, Children's Embassy, Sarajevo for cheating Karpov, Jugoslav chess federation, who forbid the children's Olympiad in Belgrade chess clubs Agroiuniversal and Jedinstvo Jugoslavia, never paid to Karpov the contract, Belgrade council the same.

Dimitrije Bjelica

Chess News from Dimitrije Bjelica

I just received an interesting news item from that infamous International Chess Journalist, Dimitrije Bjelica.

He reports that Karpov has successfully sued the Yugoslav newspaper "Politika" because it repeatedly referred to Karpov in newspaper articles as "ex-World Chess Champion".

Karpov brought a certificate signed by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov stating that he was the World Chess Champion, not the former World Chess Champion.

For this, the newspaper Politika will have to pay Karpov ten thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, the other newspaper, Express Politika, has repeated a well-known rumor about Karpov which I will not repeat here.

Sam Sloan

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