Steve Doyle: Turn Coat and Traitor to America!

Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 16:47:40 -0400
From: "Einar S. Einarsson"
Subject: Steve Doyle
Steve Doyle
Steve Doyle

I for one can confirm that I as many others lost all faith in Steve Doyle when he deceived his team, left and ruined our ticket in Yerevan, along with Tabbane of Tunisia and Omuku Nigeria, and therefore made it possible for Ilyumzhinov to run at the last moment as he had not produced any ticket in time. Furthermore, I worked with Doyle and Gelfer on Fide verification commission over Campomanes and Macropolous "exgatia payments" in Paris 1995, when the report got lost but Steve was supposed to forwarded to the Fide Congress staff. Furthermore, he had lost its content when he addressed the Congress. But the latent reason did not become clear until a year later when he double-crossed us and accepted to join Kirsan as one of his useful innocents. Mr. Doyle's reputation is not worth a dime.

On the other hand David Jarret's position has always remained as a mystery to me.

Has he really the backing of the British Chess Federation?


Einar Einarsson

Sunye Neto Presidential ticket for the 1996 FIDE election in Yerevan

Jaime Sunye Neto (Brasil) President
Einar S. Einarsson (Iceland) Deputy President
Noureddine Tabbane (Tunisia) Deputy President
Egon Ditt (Germany) Vice-President
Steven Doyle (U.S.A.) Vice-President
Andrei Makarov (Russia) Vice-President
Emmanuel Omuku (Nigeria) General Secretary
Gunther Loewenthal (Netherlands) Treasurer

Mission of the ticket
Restore the reputation and credibility of FIDE as a universal and democratic sport organization among Federations, players, organizers, sponsors and international sports organizations like the IOC.

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