Alexandra Kosteniuk is the new Anna Kournikova of chess

Seventeen-year-old Alexandra Kosteniuk of Russia has just shocked the chess world by qualifying to play a match for the Woman's World Chess Championship. Not only shocking is her accomplishment but her style of play. She plays a wild attacking no-holds-barred aggressive style of chess never before seen among the top women players.
Chess Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk
Chess Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk poses for her website.

But that is not all.

Let us let Alexandra speak for herself. Here is what she says on the Internet Chess Club, where you can meet her:

Hi! My name is Alexandra Kosteniuk. I was born in Perm (Russia) on the 23rd of April, 1984. I became International Grandmaster (WGM) among women in 1998 and International Master (IM) among men in 2000. Since 1985 I have been living in Moscow. Now I am studying in the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture. When I graduate from the Academy I'll receive the diploma of trainer. I like to study chess very much. Perhaps it came from my father.

My father, Konstantin Vladimirovich Kosteniuk, was my first trainer. He taught me how to play chess and every day he gave me lessons which lasted about 4 to 5 hours. I am thankful to him for everything I have achieved in chess - it is his work. My father sacrificed many things in life for me. He left his promising career of army officer to help me and to accompany me to chess tournaments.

I succeeded early in chess. My first success was in 1994, when I became the European Champion among girls under10 and a month later I shared first-second place in the world's championship (girls under 10). Then success in other age categories followed. In 1997 I became IM among women (WIM) at 13 years old, that it is a little bit earlier than Maya Chiburdanidze (the ex-woman world champion), but I did not attach much importance to it. All necessary norms for WGM I accomplished in February of 1998, at the age of 13 years and 10 months, but officially this title was given to me at the 33rd World Olympiad in Elista, Kalmyk Republic, when I was 14 years old.

My current rating is 2440ELO (1st of July, 2001). I am among the 30 strongest female chess players in the world. I like very much to teach people to play chess and if you wish to learn how to play this great game better you may write to me and I will help you Now Internet gives great possibilities! You may play and take lessons from any place of the world-it is so cool!
 Alexandra Kosteniuk
In this photo, Alexandra Kosteniuk posed in her new FIDE Commerce Uniform. Alexandra did not seem to mind but several other players objected to the FIDE requirement that they wear uniforms. The uniforms have not been required since.

Besides chess I have some other hobbies: I write poems, some of them are published in my book, I also like all kinds of sports. When I graduate from the Sports Academy in 2004 I will be only 20 years old, and I would love to enter one of the best Universities in the world, since I like learning so much! The money I earn while giving chess lessons on internet or selling my book will go to pay my education, so thanks for helping me! At the end of August (in Russian) and in October (in English) my first book, "HOW TO BECOME A GRANDMASTER AT THE AGE OF 14", will come out. My father and I have been working at it almost two years and it is in my opinion very original. It is a book in which I write about myself, but in it I also teach you how to play chess, as I learned from my father starting at the age of five. The book has many commented games and photos. I am sure you will love it! I think that a lot of parents will buy it as a present for themselves to know how to teach their children, or for their children to learn how to play the most beautiful game in the world! Good luck! Write to me if you want to buy it. I will be glad if you write me your suggestions and wishes concerning my site, and I will try to answer each letter your write me. Yours truly, Alexandra :-)

UPDATE: Alexandra Kosteniuk makes Time Magazine

UPDATE: Alexandra Kosteniuk makes the cover of "Chess" magazine, and she even manages to keep her clothing on while doing it!

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