Places where Sam Sloan has lived

New technology enables the average consumer to obtain pictures via satellite of any spot on Earth and to determine the exact geographical coordinates of any place. This has enabled me to look back and find the places where I have lived. Here are the places where Sam Sloan has lived. These geographic coordinates are based upon the best information available. Any corrections or refinements would be appreciated:

Sam Sloan was born on September 7, 1944 at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, which is located at 37_32_25_N, 77_25_53_W_

His mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, was born near Creston in Spaulding Township, Union County, Iowa, which is located at 41_05_17_N_94_21_43_W_

She lived at 512 West Montgomery Street in Creston Iowa, where Sam later spent his summers, which is located at 41_03_28_N_94_22_40_W_

She also lived on the family farm near Orient, Adair County, Iowa, where Sam also later spent his summers. The address of the farmhouse is now 2591 330th Street, corner of Quebec Avenue, Orient Iowa 50858, which is located at 41_10_22_N_94_23_46_W_

Her grandfather, Axel Jacobson, had bought that farm in about 1880 after immigrating from Kisa, Ostergotland, Sweden, which is located at 57_59_00_N_15_37_00_E_

Her maternal grandmother had immigrated from Stranraer, Scotland, which is located at 54_54_15_N_05_01_43_W_

In 1930, Marjorie Jacobson Sloan graduated from Cottey Junior College in Nevada, Missouri, which is located at 37_50_16_N_94_21_50_W_

She earned her bachelor's degree in 1932 and her medical degree in 1936 at the State University of Iowa, which is located at 41_39_45_N_91_32_18_W_

Sam Sloan's father had been born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up at 2050 and 2052 Bingham Street, these two houses having been built by his grandfather, Thomas Bayfield. These houses are located at 41_55_06_N_87_41_30_W_

He obtained his law degree from the State University of Iowa, where he also met his wife.

For his first four years, Sam Sloan lived with his parents on 3215 W. Franklin Street Apt. 5 in Richmond VA 23221, which is located at 37_32_26_N_77_26_20_W_

In 1949, Sam Sloan moved to 3019 Montrose Avenue, which is located at 37_34_22_N_77_26_21_W_

His mother was Acting Psychiatrist-Director of the Memorial Child Guidance Center in Richmond, Virginia, which was located at 37_34_17_N_77_25_36_W_

In the 1950-1951 school year, Sam attended first grade at the Collegiate School in Richmond. The reason was that the cut-off date for public school that year was September 1, but since Sam was born on September 7, 6 days later, he had to go to private school or else wait one year. For this reason, Sam started six days early and from then on was always the youngest kid in his class. Collegiate School was located at 37_34_43_N_77_35_18_W_

From grades 2 through 5, Sam went to J.E.B. Stuart School in Richmond, which is located at 37_34_25_N_77_26_09_W_

In 1955, he moved to Rural Route 4, Trents Ferry Road, Lynchburg Virginia, in Bedford County, which is located at 37_28_19_N_79_13_38_W_

From grades 6 through 10, he went to Boonesboro School in Bedford County, which is located at 37_27_10_N_79_15_41_W_

In 1961, he moved to 917 Old Trent's Ferry Road, Lynchburg, Virginia, which is located at 37_27_08_N_79_12_07_W_

He lived near to VES School, a prestigious private school, but Sam did not attend that school even though his parents were members of the Episcopal Church which operated that school, because his parents were opposed in principle to private schooling. Instead, they sent him much further away to E. C. Glass High School. VES School is located at 37_27_13_N_79_11_17_W_

In the Summer of 1961 he attended a Summer Science Training Program in physics at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC and lived in the college dormitory, which was located at 34_57_25_N_81_56_15_W_

For grades 11 and 12, Sam attended E. C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia, from which he graduated in 1962. E. C. Glass High School is located at 37_24_28_N_79_09_54_W_

In 1962, he went to the University of California at Berkeley, which is located at 37_52_12_N_122_15_30_W_

For his first year, he lived in Stratford Hall, which is now the Stratford Hotel, at 2520 Durant Street, which is located at 37_52_04_N_122_15_30_W_

The next year he lived with Ahmad Shayegan, an Iranian Revolutionary, at 2119 Carleton Street, which is located at 37_51_42_N_122_15_60_W_

In 1964, he took time off and worked in New York and lived at 24 James Street, which is located at 40_42_45_N_73_59_55_W_

In 1965, he studied one semester at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, which is located at 19_21_07_N_99_12_06_W_

While a student there, Sam lived at Tlacotalpan 18, Colonia Roma, behind 400 Insurgentes Sur, a shop owned by a chess player named Hector Jurado, which is located at 19_22_27_N_99_09_34_W_

While a student there, Sam played chess almost every day at the Club Metropolitano on Tacuba 15, which was located at 19_25_53_N_99_07_59_W_

After he got back to Berkeley, he lived briefly with Ed Bogas. Soon, he moved in with Claire Laxson in her apartment on Fulton Street, which was located at 37_51_46_N_122_15_53_W_

In the Summer of 1966, he worked for Lincoln Fitzgerald as a roulette croupier in the Nevada Club in Reno, which was located at 39_31_39_N_119_48_47_W_

He then went to play in the 1966 US Open Chess Championship in Seattle. During the tournament he lived in the Scargo Hotel, which was located at 47_36_45_N_122_20_44_W_

The 1966 US Open in Seattle was played directly next to the Seattle Center Coliseum, where the Beatles played their next to last concert on August 25, 1966. The music of the Beatles playing greatly upset the chess players who were trying to play their games next door. What made matters worse was that one of the chess masters ran off with one of the female groupies who had come from LA to see the Beatles play and they both got arrested and he had to forfeit two of his chess games. The location of the chess tournament was at 47_37_23_N_122_21_15_W_

After he got back to Berkeley, Sam found that Claire Laxson had been evicted from her apartment, so he lived at 2425 Haste Street, which is located at 37_51_56_N_122_15_37_W_

In September, 1966, he became President of the Sexual Freedom League and established his headquarters at 2535 Benvenue Avenue, which is located at 37_51_53_N_122_15_18_W_

In 1967, he moved his headquarters to 2714 Telegraph Avenue, which is located at 37_51_37_N_122_15_56_W_

In the Summer of 1967, he had to get out of town, so he attended the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies, which was located at 36_36_25_N_121_53_50_W_

He studied Intensive Spanish. It so happened that the Monterey Pop Festival was held only six blocks away, but he was so busy studying that he did not go, thereby missing one of the great events in music history which introduced Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. His residence was located on Pacific Street at 36_35_45_N_121_53_49_W_

During the last four months of 1967, Sam Sloan did not live anywhere. Instead, he hung out at the Cafe Mediterraneum on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley where he would make conversation with the girls who were customers in the coffee shop, eventually mentioning that he had no place to sleep. Almost invariably one of the girls would invite him to her home to sleep with her. That way, Sam did not have to pay rent plus he got to sleep with a different girl every night. The Cafe Mediterraneum was located at 37_51_55_N_122_15_30_W_

Several of the girls Sam slept with during this period became prominent and famous in their own right. One became a candidate for San Francisco Board of Supervisors, one became a prominent lawyer in Oakland and the most famous was Arden Van Upp who 25 years later invited Sam to live with her in the Bourn Mansion at 2550 Webster Street, San Francisco, but in 1967 Arden lived at 1500 Gough Street, which is located at 37_47_15_N_122_25_30_W_

On Christmas Eve, 1967, Sam left Berkeley to go play for the Berkeley Team at the US Intercollegiate Chess Championship at Stevens Institute in Hoboken, New Jersey. His Berkeley team won the US Championship. However, Sam did not return to California until 14 years later. Stevens Institute was located at 40_44_44_N_74_01_34_W_

Stevens Institute is near to the Statue of Sam Sloan, the railroad tycoon, which is located at 40_44_08_N_74_01_39_W_

Sam did not return to Berkeley for another 14 years. In 1968, he lived with Patricia S. Crosby in a building she owned at 499 Canal Street, New York NY, which is located at 40_43_28_N_74_00_30_W_

In New York, Sam tried his old scam of hanging out in the coffee shops in Greenwich Village and asking girls for a place to spend the night. He found however that this scam which had worked so well in Berkeley did not work in New York. Deeply disappointed at not finding any girls who would invite him home for the night. Sam slept a few nights on the park benches at the chess tables in Washington Square Park, which are located at at 40_43_52_N_73_59_56_W_

It happened only one time that a girl he met in a coffee shop invited him home that way. Her name was Ida Potash. He met her at Cafe Reggio on 119 MacDougal Street which was located at 40_43_49_N_74_00_02_W_

Ida invited Sam home with her, where he scored a double play because he got to sleep with both her and her roommate, Sherry Miljoner, who lived together on Flatbush Avenue. After having had sex with both Ida and Sheri, Sam told the third roommate, Diane Stillman, that this was considered normal in Berkeley, to which Diane replied, "This is considered to be a big score in Flatbush". Sam returned to that apartment often, which was located at 40_38_01_N_73_56_54_W_

In May 1968, Sam became somewhat involved in the Columbia University Riots, which took place at 40_48_29_N_73_57_43_W_

During the riots, Sam lived in Clem Erdahl's apartment, which was located at 40_47_59_N_73_58_17_W_

In July 1968, Sam got a job working for Hayden, Stone as an over-the-counter trader and worked at 40_43_22_N_73_59_02_W_

His friend Steve Israel who had gotten him the job at Hayden Stone gave him an apartment where Sam lived for five years on East 7th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B, which is located at 40_43_31_N_73_58_57_W_

In July 1968, Sam went to Chicago where he participated in the Chicago riots at the Democratic National Convention. He stayed with Frank Brady but does not remember the address. Sam called into work at Hayden, Stone sick three days in a row to disguise the fact that he was actually in Chicago rioting.

Sam was in Grant Park when he and thousands of other anti-war demonstrators were famously cleared out of the park by the Chicago Riot Police during the Democratic National Convention. Grant Park is located at 41_52_28_N_87_37_17_W_

On May 12, 1970, Sam established his own registered securities broker-dealer at 120 Liberty Street, New York NY, which was located at 40_42_35_N_74_00_45_W_

He gave his girlfriend Joyce a job working for him as a bookkeeper. She lived at 1598 Townsend Avenue, Bronx NY, which is located at 40_50_39_N_73_54_49_W_

On July 4, 1972, Sam Sloan flew to South America to meet Myriam Vanegas in Bogota, Columbia, which is located at 04_37_22_N_74_04_60_W_

Later in 1972, Sam flew twice to Reykjavik Iceland to meet Bobby Fischer who was playing for the World Chess Championship and stayed at the Hotel Loftleidir, which is located at 64_07_48_N_21_56_26_W_

As a result of these trips, Sam hired several Icelandic girls to work for him in his brokerage firm. One of them was Hafdis Einarsdottir, who was from Reykjavik, Iceland, which is located at 64_08_60_N_21_56_60_W_

Another was Johanna Baldursdottir, who was from Thorlakshofn, Iceland, which is located at 63_50_24_N_21_21_11_W_

A third was Inga Brandsdittir, who was from Kopavogur, Iceland, which is located at 64_06_48_N_21_54_49_W_

In 1973, Sam moved to 66th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, which is located at 40_46_29_N_73_59_02_W_

In 1973, Sam moved his securities firm to 11 Broadway, which is located at 40_42_20_N_74_00_49_W_

In 1974, Sam went to live with a woman chess player known as "The Shuttle". She lived on East 12th Street near Fifth Avenue, which is located at 40_44_00_N_73_59_32_W_

He could not get along with The Shuttle, so he then moved to 165th Avenue in Howard Beach, Queens, which is located at 40_39_09_N_73_49_40_W_

After the 1974 US Open Chess Championship concluded, he moved into Bruce Pandolfini and Mike Goodall's old apartment at 1761 Eastburn Avenue, Apt. A5, Bronx NY, which is located at 40_50_43_N_73_54_26_W_

From 1974 to 1978, he lived at 1761 Eastburn Avenue, Apt. A5, Bronx NY which is located at 40_50_43_N_73_54_26_W_

In 1974, Sam traveled around Europe. Two places where he stopped (because he met girls there) were Kielce, Poland, which is located at 50_49_60_N_20_40_00_W_

And Bielefeld, West Germany, which is located at 52_02_05_N_08_31_56_E_

On March 9, 1975 he was trying to take an Icelandic girl to Canada to renew her visa. Her name was Palina Kristjansdottir and she was from Akranes, Iceland, which is located at 64_18_60_N_22_06_00_W_

His car broke down on the road. He got out and tried to flag down a passing motorist, but he was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver named Maurice Glaude. Both of Sam's legs were broken and he was lucky to be alive. The accident occurred on Highway 11, one mile from the border with Canada and also one mile from the border with Vermont at at 44_58_52_N_73_22_15_W_

Sam was picked up by a US Border Patrol Agent and taken to a hospital in Plattsburgh, New York, which is located at 44_41_58_N_73_27_38_W_

After two weeks, he was transferred to his mother's house in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he spent the next six months recovering, which was located at 37_27_08_N_79_12_07_W_

In January, 1976, he lived for six weeks with Inga Brandsdottir in Reykjavik, Iceland, in her apartment which was located at 64_08_60_N_21_56_60_W_

Later in 1976, Sam visited the Island of La Gonave in Haiti, which is located at 18_49_60_N_72_51_30_W_

From 1976 to 1978, Sam made three trips to Afghanistan. In 1977 and again in 1978, he briefly visited Barg-e-Matal, Nuristan, which is located at 35_53_44_N_71_17_32_E_

In 1976, Sam flew to Frankfurt, Germany and then changed airplanes and flew to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he stayed at the Yama Hotel, which is located at 34_31_16_N_69_10_54_E_

Sam went to Mazar-e Sharif, and visited the blue mosque, which is located at 36_42_04_N_67_06_04_E_

Sam visited the khaima (white tents), which were south of Mazari Sharif, and were located at 36_34_49_N_67_09_57_E_

Sam met a man named Izat Mir who took him to his home in Panjshir, where Sam swam across the Panjshir River (which was very dangerous but Sam did not realize that) which is located at 35_33_33_N_69_52_58_E_

Sam also visited Kandahar, Afghanistan, which is located at 31_36_42_N_65_41_22_E_

Sam visited Herat and stayed in the Mustafa Hotel, which is located at 34_21_06_N_62_10_47_E_

In 1977, Sam lived for two months in London in a house rented by Neil Bruckman from Lady Snow. The house was located in an exclusive neighborhood on Park Lane near Oxford Street and Marble Arch and was located at 51_30_44_N_00_09_29_W_

Sam went by boat and train, to Budapest, Hungary, which is located at 47_30_36_N_19_04_48_E_

Sam took the train to Moscow, passing Lvov and Kiev on the way, but Sam could not get out of the train as he was on a transit visa. Sam reached Moscow and visited the Soviet Chess Federation on Gogolevski Bulvar, which is located at 55_43_04_N_37_38_05_E_

At a chess club behind the Hotel Metropol, Sam met a chess player named Vadim Kantarovich who invited him to stay at his home, which was located on Malebrona Street which was located at 55_43_19_N_37_41_19_E_

Sam then took the train to Iran. However, he missed the train in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is located at 41_43_12_N_44_47_24_E_

Sam caught the next train to Yerevan Armenia where he stayed for one week at the Hotel Armenia, which is located at 40_11_04_N_44_29_59_E_

However, when Sam tried to cross the border into Iran, he was turned back, because his transit visa had expired, at the border at Dzulfa, Nakichevan, Azerbaijan, which was located at 38_58_00_N_45_38_00_E_

Therefore, Sam had to return to Moscow to obtain an extension of his transit visa at the Ovir office. Sam then flew to Tehran, which is located at 35_45_52_N_51_24_38_E_

Sam stopped for one week in Meshad, Iran, where he became a converted Muslim in a small mosque which is located at 38_17_38_N_59_35_18_E_

Sam then went to Afghanistan, crossing the border by bus at Islam Qala, which is located at 34_42_37_N_61_00_12_E_

Sam crossed to Herat and stayed in the Mustafa Hotel, which is located at 34_21_06_N_62_10_47_E_

Sam went to Kandahar, which is located at 31_36_42_N_65_41_22_E_

Sam went to Kabul and again stayed in the Yama Hotel, which is located at 34_31_16_N_69_10_54_E_

Sam went to visit the great Buddhas in Bamyan, which were located at 34_50_19_N_67_48_54_E_

Sam went to Lake Bandi Amir, which is located at 34_50_23_N_67_13_51_E_

Sam went to Barg-e-Matal, Nuristan, which is located at 35_53_44_N_71_17_32_E_

Sam took a direct bus from Kabul to Istanbul, Turkey, which is located at 41_00_32_N_28_57_48_E_

Sam took a bus from Istanbul to Munich, Germany, and then took a train to Luxembourg, which is located at 64_06_48_N_21_54_49_W_

In 1978, Sam went to London and then went to Dover, which is located at 51_07_34_N_01_19_56_E_

At Dover, Sam caught a ferry to Zeebrugge, Belgium, which is located at 51_13_59_N_02_54_50_E_

Sam decided to hitchike to Munich, where he planned to buy a car. His first ride from Zeebrugge Port was from a woman with groceries in her car who carried him a short distance. His second ride was from a truck driver who took him all the way through Brussels and left him on an expressway east of Brussels. For his third ride, he was picked up on an onramp to the expressway by a young girl with a baby in the back seat. She drove Sam to a nunnery in a small village west of Liege, Belgium. She tried to invite Sam in to sleep with her, but the nuns in the nunnery would not let Sam in. The village and the nunnery were located at 50_39_42_N_05_23_50_E_

In 1978, Sam Sloan purchased a red Volkswagen Beetle across the street from the University of Munich in Munich, Germany. The University of Munich is located at 48_08_20_N_11_35_01_E_

He stayed for two weeks at the Hotel Rachova in Bucharest, Romania, which is located at 44_26_24_N_26_05_60_E_

He drove the car to Tehran, Iran which is located at 35_45_52_N_51_24_38_E_

He took a side trip by train to go to see Laura Markarian in Yerevan, Armenia, which is located at 40_11_04_N_44_29_59_E_

To reach Yerevan, Sloan crossed the border into the USSR at Dzhulfa, Nakichevan, Azerbaijan. After visiting Laura, Sloan came back the same way. The border crossing point was located at 39_19_60_N_45_30_00_E_

He drove the car to Afghanistan, where he crossed the border from Iran to Afghanistan at Islam Qala, which is located at 34_42_37_N_61_00_12_E_

On June 8, 1978, Sam was arrested near Khaway, Afghanistan, which is a remote village far out in the desert, North of Nawzad, located at 32_41_06_N_64_36_06_E_

He was arrested with Syed Durali Shah, who lived in Girishk, Afghanistan and whose house was located at 31_48_17_N_64_34_41_E_

They were taken first to Nawzad which is located at 32_23_52_N_64_28_22_E_

Then to they were taken to Girishk, and then to Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan, which is located at 31_35_00_N_64_21_23_E_

After two weeks in police custody, Sam escaped from jail and walked 40 miles across the trackless desert following the stars, which he knew how to do from his years in the Boy Scouts, until he reached the open road which is located across the river from Girishk at at 31_47_50_N_64_34_52_E_

He then walked parallel south of the road but at a far distance so that nobody could see him. Finally he caught a bus at at 31_43_25_N_64_44_55_E_

He eventually made it to the US Embassy in Kabul, which is located at 34_32_03_N_69_11_22_E_

As they were unable to help him, he tried to cross the border into Pakistan at Torkham, which is located at 34_07_25_N_71_05_20_E_

He was arrested at Torkham and held for one week at a military base in Shinwar, which is located at 34_15_53_N_70_44_42_E_

He was transferred and held for five weeks in Jalalabad Prison, which is located at 34_26_26_N_70_26_23_E_

He was transferred to Demazang Prison in Kabul, which was located at 34_30_46_N_69_07_10_E_

He was then transferred to Puli Charqi Prison outside of Kabul, which is located at 34_30_55_N_69_19_30_E_

Syed Daud Taroon decided to release him, so he was transferred and held for three days in the Kabul Central Jail and Police Station at Tolkif, which is located at 34_31_59_N_69_10_52_E_

Sam was released from prison in Afghanistan. He was escorted to the border with Pakistan by a US Embassy employee named Warren Merrick, who was later proven to be a real CIA Agent. On September 3, 1978, which was also Eid, Sam crossed the border into Pakistan at Torkham, which is located at 34_07_25_N_71_05_20_E_

After he got out of prison, Sam went to Peshawar, Pakistan, which is located at 34_00_36_N_71_32_24_E_

He then drove his car to Chitral, which is located at 35_50_54_N_71_47_53_E_

Only ten days after being released from prison in Kabul, he married a woman in Moroy, Chitral, which is located at 36_09_17_N_72_05_14_E_

However, he was forced to divorce her. He went to New York where he married his long suffering girlfriend Anda, who lived at 401 East 99th Street, which is located at 40_47_49_N_73_58_14_W_

Anda was born in Riga, Latvia, which is located at 37_00_07_N_24_03_17_E_

Sam and Anda had a baby named Peter, who was born in Saint Vincents Hospital in New York City, which is located at 40_44_16_N_74_00_01_W_

Later, Sam and Anda had another baby named Mary, who was born in Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, which is located at 40_46_28_N_73_57_43_W_

Anda now lives in Brooklyn, in a house which is located at 40_38_02_N_73_57_36_W_

When that marriage was breaking up, he went back to Chitral where On February 3, 1980 he walked across the dangerous Lowari Top, which is located at 35_27_55_N_71_56_31_E_

Previously, in 1979, it had been proposed by a Kalash man named Abdul Khaliq that he marry a beautiful Kalash girl named Afiyat, who lived in Village Anish in Bumboret, which is located at 35_44_09_N_71_46_05_E_

However, Afiyat had refused to marry him. Instead, her friend, Sunik, offered to marry him. However, the marriage ceremony had been broken up by the police at Ayun, which is located at 35_44_14_N_71_46_26_E_

In 1979, Sam made a Haj trip to Mecca. First he went to Manama, Bahrain, which is located at 26_14_31_N_50_34 22_E_

Then he crossed by boat to Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, which is located at 26_16_53_N_50_12_34_E_

Then he went by group taxi to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which is located at 24_43_05_N_46_43_15_E_

Then he flew to Jedda, Saudi Arabia, which is located at 21_30_24_N_39_09_40_E_

Then he went to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where he walked around the Qabba seven times and kissed the black stone, which is located at 21_25_20_N_39_49_34_E_

Then he returned to Jedda and flew to Cairo, Egypt where he stayed with a friend who lived near the pyramids at at 29_58_42_N_31_07_39_E_

Then he returned to New York, arriving at JFK Airport, which is located at 40_38_28_N_73_46_41_W_

After his return to America, Sunik wrote Sam a letter again offering to marry him. However, when Sloan returned he found that Sunik had been married to another man, so instead he met a man named Aziz-ur-Rehman, who lived in Drosh, which is located at 35_33_29_N_71_47_41_E_

Aziz-ur-Rehman arranged for him to marry Honzagool in Damik, Chitral, Pakistan, which is located at 35_31_25_N_71_45_13_E_

Sloan brought Honzagool to America, where they lived at the same address on 165th Avenue in Howard Beach, Queens New York where he had lived in 1974, which is located at 40_39_09_N_73_49_40_W_

Then they, along with Aziz-ur-Rehman who was constantly making problems, moved to 165 Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, which is located at 40_39_24_N_73_58_42_W_

After that, they moved, without Aziz, to 33 Gold Street, New York, NY, which is located at 40_42_32_N_74_00_21_W_

Sam and Honzagool had a baby named Shamema who was born at the Sloane Baby Hospital in Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City, which is located at 40_50_23_N_73_56_29_W_

In 1981, his Khowar English Dictionary was published in the Tribal Area of Pakistan. The reason it was published in the tribal area was his book would have been banned had it been published in the settled area. The book publisher was located just south of Jamrud Road near Sarkal, just below the customs checkpoint, half way between Peshawar and Jamrud Pakistan, which was located at 34_00_50_N_71_20_00_E_

While his book was being published, Sloan lived for two months at Jans Hotel in Peshawar, which is located at 36_16_21_N_72_31_25_E_

Sloan went up the Yarkhun Valley, thinking of trying to reach Broghol Pass, a high mountain pass that crosses a place known as the Roof of the World and enters the Wakhan Corridor and Central Asia. Broghol Pass is located at 36_52_50_N_73_20_46_E_

However, Sloan only reached as far as Brep, which is located at 36_27_20_N_72_41_59_E_

He then turned back and then turned south and east, crossing Shandur Top, which is located at 36_09_53_N_72_45_29_E_

Now in Gilgit, Sloan descended to Gupis, which is located at 36_12_40_N_73_28_49_E_

Sloan then turned up and visited the Yasin Valley, which is located at 36_25_45_N_73_19_10_E_

Sloan then went back to Gupis and descended to Gilgit town, which is located at 35_55_08_N_74_20_01_E_

Sloan then went up to Hunza, reaching Karimabad. Karimabad is located at 36_16_47_N_74_38_43_E_

Karimabad, Hunza was the last point on the Karakorum Highway that goes to Khunjerab Pass to China that foreigners were allowed to visit at that time. Khunjerab Pass is located at 36_51_40_N_75_26_23_E_

Sloan went back to Gilgit town. At that time it was prohibited for foreigners to travel on the Karakorum Highway without a pass which could only be obtained in Islamabad, so Sloan disguised himself as a local speaking the Khowar language and was able to travel down the Karakorum Highway to Islamabad without being apprehended. Islamabad is located at 33_42_02_N_73_10_03_E_

Back in New York, Honzagool got involved with a religious and political group, the Jamiat-e-Islami, and after the birth of her child, Shamema, was taken back to Pakistan, leaving the baby behind. Sloan went to live with his daughter by Honzagool briefly at his mother's house in Lynchburg Virginia at 917 Old Trents Ferry Road, which is located at 37_27_08_N_79_12_07_W_

Before that, Sam lived briefly at the home of the same Syed Durali Shah, who had been in jail with him in Afghanistan, in Far Rockaway, Queens, which was located at 40_35_40_N_73_45_19_W_

After receiving threatening letters from a member of Jamiat-e-Islami, Sam Sloan bought a Pacer in Lynchburg and drove it to El Paso, Texas, where he stayed with his friend from the University of California at Berkeley, Mac Belk, who lived on 1011 Kerbey Avenue, which was located at 31_46_43_N_106_29_37_W_

After one month in El Paso, Sam drove to San Salvador, El Salvador, where he lived at the Boarding House Barletta, which later burned down, which was located at 13_41_54_N_89_12_19_W_

There, he got a job doing computer work for Antonio Cabrales, who managed ten coffee farms south of Santa Ana and who later on became the Minister of Agriculture for the Country of El Salvador. Cabrales owned an island on Lago Cuatepeque Lake which he wanted to develop into a tourist resort. The island is located at 13_50_37_N_89_33_37_W_

Sam then lived for three months in Costa Rica while working for the Wang Laboratories distributor in San Jose, Costa Rica, which is located at 09_57_31_N_84_04_54_W_

Sam Sloan drove his Pacer to Panama City, Panama, where he was robbed twice behind a gas station at the entrance to the old city. The gas station is located at 08_57_26_N_79_32_26_W_

In September 1983, Sloan went back to Pakistan in an unsuccessful effort to try to recover Honzagool. After receiving serious threats from members of Jamiat-e-Islami, he went to Islamabad, which is located at 33_42_02_N_73_10_03_E_

Next Sloan went to Lahore where he stayed as an invited and honored guest in a tiny mosque next to the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. The mullah of the mosque who invited Sam to stay there was a Chitrali named Abdul Rehman. The mosque was located at 31_32_59_N_74_20_37_E_

On November 18, 1983, Sam escaped by train across the border to India and went to the Golden Temple at Amritsar, which is located at 31_37_12_N_74_52_37_E_

He visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, which is located at 27_11_24_N_78_00_36_E_

He then visited Katmandu, Nepal, which is located at 27_43_00_N_8518_60_E_

And he visited Calcutta, India, which is located at 22_34_11_N_8822_11_E_

He then went to Mirpir, Dhaka, Bangladesh, which is located at 23_43_23_N_90_24_31_E_

Next he went to Rangoon, Burma, which is located at 16_46_54_N_96_09_59_E_

And he went to Mandalay, Burma, which is located at 21_59_42_N_96_04_55_E_

Next he flew to Bangkok, Thailand, which is located at 13_47_09_N_100_30_09_E_

He then flew to Hong Kong, which is located at 22_17_00_N_11408_60_E_

He traveled by bus to most of the main cities of China, finally reaching Shanghai, which is located at 31_14_10_N_121_28_16_E_

He then flew to Nagasaki where his uncle had helped drop the A-Bomb, which is located at 32_41_28_N_129_48_60_E_

He then moved to 1301-5 Yabata, Chigasaki, Japan, where he lived for almost one year, which is located at 35_20_20_N_139_24_05_E_

While in Japan, Sam had to go to Korea to renew his visa for Japan. Only one hour after clearing the airport in Seoul, Sam was in bed with his first Korean girl. Sam stayed 18 days in Seoul, during which he slept with 11 Korean girls, all free of charge. The only reason Sam slept alone on the other 7 nights was that he was too exhausted. Sam stayed at the Crown Hotel, in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, which is located at 37_34_03_N_126_59_47_E_

However, after he got back to Japan, he got in trouble with a Japanese girl named Miki Motegi, who lived in Chigasaki at at 35_20_06_N_139_23_48_E_

So he moved to Nakano, which is located at 35_40_07_N_139_38_27_E_

Where he got in trouble with another Japanese girl named Hiroko Nakama, who lived in Higashi-Zushi, which is located at 35_17_57_N_139_36_17_E_

So, he went to China and crossed to Kashgar by bus across the desert, reaching there in February, 1985, thereby becoming the first known Westerner to enter Kashgar in one hundred years, because Kashgar had been opened to foreigners just a few days earlier. Kashgar is located at 39_29_01_N_75_57_59_E_

In order to reach Kashgar, Sam first flew to Hong Kong, which is located at 22_17_00_N_114_08_60_E_

Then he crossed the border at Shenzhen, which is located at 22_32_16_N_114_04_57_E_

Then he took the train to Guangzhou (Canton), which is located at 23_07_12_N_113_15_00_E_

Then he took a train to Urumqi, which is located at 43_48_02_N_87_34_59_E_

Then he took a bus three days across the Taklamakan Desert, with stops for the night at Korla and Aksu, to reach Kashgar, which is located at 39_29_01_N_75_57_59_E_

Not able to find any girls to get in trouble with there, he went to Beijing, China where he met Wong Xu Yun in the Beijing Hotel, which is located at 39_54_48_N_116_24_20_E_

He took her to the Qiao Yuan Hotel, on 135 Dong Bin He Lu, which is located at 39_52_32_N_116_21_07_E_

Sam took Wong Xu Yun to Guangzhou, where they stayed at the Bei Tin Er (White Swan) Hotel, which is located on Shamain Island at at 23_06_27_N_113_14_29_E_

After that, he escaped across the border to Hong Kong, and stayed at the Chung King Mansion, which is located at 22_17_50_N_114_10_21_E_

He then went to Philippines where he met Polly Honculada in the office of Attorney Rogelio Evasco on Mabini Street in Ermita, which is located at 14_34_33_N_120_59_13_E_

He went to live with Polly in her home in Baclaran, which is located at 14_32_12_N_120_59_55_E_

He brought Polly to America and they lived in the Berkeley hills, in the home of Steve & Nora Snoeck Smiriga, which subsequently burned down in the great fire of 1992, which was located at 37_51_42_N_122_14_38_W_

He then brought Polly to New York, where they lived at 20 Butler Place, Brooklyn, which is located at 40_40_29_N_73_58_06_W_

However, Polly disappeared and has never been seen or heard from since. Two months later, Sam Sloan's father died so to administer the estate he went back to live at 917 Old Trents Ferry Road, Lynchburg, which is located at 37_27_08_N_79_12_07_W_

After the death of his father, things rapidly developed and finally on August 25, 1986 Sam Sloan fled Virginia with his mother and daughter by Honzagool, Shamema. They went to live at first at 331 Beach 32nd Street, Far Rockaway, New York, which is located at 40_35_49_N_30_45_52_W_

They then went to Buenos Aires, which is located at 34_36_36_S_58_22_13_W_

They then went to Rio Gallegos, Argentina, which is located at 53_47_02_S_67_42_03_W_

Then they took a taxi to Ushuaia, which is located at 54_47_19_S_68_18_40_W_

They spent one night in Ushuaia where Sam and Shamema got caught in a snowstorm which Shamema still remembers. After that, they flew back to Rio Gallegos.

After the chess tournament was over, they went to Buenos Aires, where they stayed at the Rochester Hotel, which is located at 34_36_36_N_58_22_13_W_

They next went to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, which is located at 25_16_55_S_57_38_43_W_

They then went to Madrid, Spain, which is located at at 48_51_60_N_02_19_60_E_

They tried to take a train from Madrid to Paris. However, when they reached the border with France, they were put off the train because they did not have a visa for France, which had just been required for Americans for the first time a few days before. Therefore, Sam, his mother and his daughter, Shamema, had to trudge back to the French Consulate in San Sebastian, which was located at 43_18_05_N_01_53_08_W_

They secured a visa and crossed the border into France at at 43_20_33_N_01_45_10_W_

They then went to Paris, France, which is located at 48_51_60_N_02_19_60_E_

They then went to Budapest, Hungary, which is located at 47_30_36_N_19_04_48_E_

They then went to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the World Chess Olympiad was held in the Dubai Trade Center, which is located at 25_13_32_N_55_17_14_E_

During the Olympiad, they lived in the Excelsior Hotel, which is located at 25_14_57_N_55_21_36_E_

They lived for one year in the Zayid Building on Hamdan Street, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which is located at 24_29_38_N_54_22_17_E_

They moved across the street and lived for one year in the Choitram Supermarket Building, which is located at 24_29_42_N_54_22_09_E_

While still living in Abu Dhabi, they went to Sri Lanka where they rented a house for three months in Anawatte, Kandy, Sri Lanka, which was located at 07_23_35_N_80_38_34_E_

While living in Anawatte, he hired a domestic servant named Dayawathie Rankoth. Dayawathie's home was in Bowalawatte, on Hirasekela Road, far out in the jungles and high in the hills above Kandy, near Peradeniya Gardens, and located at 07_16_32_N_80_34_55_E_

Then he retained another domestic named Renuka who lived in Kalutara South behind the Police Academy 06_35_03_N_79_57_58_E_

Finally he got a third one named Neetah, who lived in 126/16 Davi Road, Watapuluwa, Kandy, Sri Lanka, which is located approximately at 07_18_60_N_80_37_60_E_

While preparing to leave Sri Lanka, they had to wait for a passport for Renuka and Neetah, so they stayed for that week in a hotel in Negombo near the airport, which is located at 07_16_40_N_79_50_49_E_

Then they took a trip to Madras India where they stayed at the President Hotel, which is located at 13_05_24_N_80_16_12_E_

Then they came back to Sri Lanka and stayed one night in the hotel inside the airport terminal, which is located at 07_10_45_N_79_52_59_E_

Then, they flew to Thailand where they stayed first in the Malaysia Hotel which is located at 13_42_30_N_100_32_09_E_

Then, they moved to the Riverside Hotel, which is located at 13_40_29_N_100_32_36_E_

In 1987, while staying at the Riverside Hotel, Sam married a beautiful Thai girl named Moy. However, after the marriage ceremony, it was discovered that the photographer had put the film in the camera backwards, so there was no proof of the marriage. Also, the marriage license bureau in Bangkok refused to issue a marriage certificate, because Moy was too young, even though she had permission of both of her parents. So, the marriage was forgotten about. Moy lived in Bang Na near the Chao Phraya River at exactly 13_36_16_N_100_35_43_E_

Two years later, Sam came back to Thailand and found that Moy had gotten a job as a dancer in the King's Corner Bar on Patpong Road, which is located at 13_43_41_N_100_31_56_E_

After returning to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Sam hired a domestic servant named Iranganie who was from Elpitiya, Sri Lanka, which is located at 06_16_02_N_80_08_31_E_

Sam and his burgeoning family next lived for two years in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, which is located at 25_08_14_N_56_20_50_E_

His great love while in Fujairah was Linda Duavis of Buenavista, Bohol, Philippines, which is located at 10_03_26_N_124_05_52_E_

However, Linda had been living on a garbage dump known as the Reclamation Area in Alma I, Area 4 in Manila Bay, which was located at 14_32_02_N_120_59_09_E_

In 1988, Sam, along with his mother, his daughters Shamema and Jessica and Jessica's mother Renuka all visited the World Chess Olympiad in Thessaloniki, Greece, which is located at 40_38_01_N_20_55_60_E_

In 1990, they went to Thailand, where his mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, became ill after visiting the Crocodile Farm at Samut Prakan, which is located at 13_32_30_N_100_36_36_E_

She was taken to the Bangkok General Hospital, which is located at 13_45_08_N_100_35_46_E_

After six weeks in the hospital, she was kidnapped by Boonchoo Yensabai, who had been hired by Creighton Sloan and paid by Cassel Jacobson for this kidnapping. Sam went to Don Muang International Airport to try to rescue his mother from the kidnappers, but instead the kidnappers hads him arrested in the airport, which is located at 13_54_52_N_100_36_20_E_

Sam's mother was taken by the kidnappers to Silver Spring, Maryland, which is located at 38_59_26_N_77_01_35_W_

After repeatedly trying to escape from that facility, she was transferred to Aiken South Carloina, where she was locked up in the Mattie C. Hall Health Care Center, which is located at 33_34_34_N_81_43_13_W_

She was later transferred to the Aiken Adult Care Center where she was held prisoner until she died 12 years later which is located at 33_31_17_N_81_43_12_W_

She was held prisoner on the orders of her other son Creighton Sloan who had purchased the Sloan Mansion with money he had stolen from his mother, which is located at 33_30_37_N_81_44_14_W_

After his mother had been kidnapped, Sam Sloan hid his three children in Maesai, Northern Thailand, which is located at 20_25_53_N_99_54_08_E_

Two children had been born during his years in the United Arab Emirates. The eldest, Michael, had a mother from Bowalawatte, Kandy, Sri Lanka, which is located at 07_25_35_N_80_32_23_E_

Michael was born in Highland County Hospital in Oakland, California, which is located at 37_47_55_N_122_13_54_W_

The youngest, Jessica, had a mother from Kalutara South, Sri Lanka, which is located at 06_50_41_N_79_52_17_E_

Jessica was born at Providence Hospital, now known as Summit Medical Center, in Oakland, which is located at 37_49_13_N_122_15_53_W_

While waiting to give birth to Sam's children, Dayawathie and Renuka lived together at Casa Vincentia in Oakland, California, which is located at 37_46_27_N_122_10_56_W_

After hiding out in Maesai, Sam Sloan and his three children plus Jessicas mother who had just flown in and joined them escaped across the border to Malaysia at Hat Yai, which is located at 07_01_00_N_100_28_00_E_

The border crossing point where they crossed into Malaysia, is located at 06_41_01_N_100_17_32_E_

They then flew back to the United Arab Emirates where on October 7, 1990, the three children were all kidnapped by agents of Charles and Shelby Roberts who lived at 420 Amelon Road, Madison Heights, Virginia, which is located at 37_27_43_N_79_06_28_W_

Shamema, who was only 8 years old at the time of the kidnapping, was held for the next ten years at the home of Charles Roberts, which is located at 37_27_43_N_79_06_28_E_

Jessica escaped from the Roberts with her mother and went to live in Alameda, California, on Pacific Street, at 37_46_16_N_122_14_60_W_

They later moved to another house in Alameda, located at 37_46_17_N_122_15_47_W_

Michael and Dayawathie lived on Neilson Street in Far Rockaway in a house which had since been demolished which was located at 44_36_18_N_73_44_55_W_

Michael went to live with his mother, who now lives in Long Island City, Queens, which is located at 40_45_17_N_73_56_32_W_

Later, Sam and Dayawathie had another baby named George, who was born in Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, New York, which is located at 40_44_40_N_73_53_09_W_

After that, Sam and Dayawathie had another baby named Anusha, who was born in Saint Vincents Hospital, New York, New York, which is located at 40_44_16_N_74_00_01_W_

Dayawathie, Michael, George and Anusha lived for four years from 1991 to 1995 at 905 Tinton Avenue, Bronx NY, which is located at located at 40_49_19_N_73_54_13_W_

Sam Sloan went to live with Arden Van Upp, who lives at 2550 Webster Street, San Francisco, California, which is located at 37_47_39_N_122_25_59_W_

Sam Sloan's mailing address was 2420 Atherton Street, Berkeley California, which is located at 37_51_56_N_122_15_53_W_

Because of frequently moving, Sam has a California mailing address located at 38_02_02_N_122_32_59_W_

From 1986 to 1988, Sam made several trips to Mexico City Mexico. On each of these trips Sam stayed at the Hotel Lark in Colonia San Rafael, Mexico City, which is located at 19_24_10_N_99_10_08_W_

In order to cement and solidify their kidnapping of Shamema, they had Sam Sloan arrested in San Francisco California where he was living with Arden Van Upp. He was extradited to Virginia, where he was held in the Lynchburg City Jail, which is located at 37_24_50_N_79_08_40_W_

He was then transferred to Powhatan Prison, which is located at 37_38_43_N_77_49_42_W_

He was then transferred to Dillwyn Prison, which is located at 37_32_45_N_78_27_39_W_

He was released after 18 months and went back to Lynchburg, where he lived with Simon Charlemagne, a former cellmate in jail, who lived in a house located at 37_25_18_N_79_09_03_W_

He then went to live at the Hands Up Lodge in Lynchburg, which is located at 37_24_58_N_79_08_53_W_

He then was allowed to go back to San Francisco where he again lived with Arden Van Upp at 2550 Webster Street, which is located at 37_47_39_N_122_25_59_W_

In 1995 Sloan competed in the World Championship of Chinese Chess in Singapore, which is located at 01_20_39_N_103_43_58_E_

After the tournament was over, Sam took a boat to the Island of Batam, in Indonesia, which is located at 01_10_48_N_103_55_12_E_

He then visited Bukittinggi, Indonesia, which is located near the Equator at at 00_17_54_S_100_21_58_E_

He then went to Jakarta, which is located at 06_10_08_S_106_49_18_E_

In 1996, he negotiated the purchase of a building at 24 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn NY, which is located at 40_40_45_N_73_58_27_W_

Sam was disliked by Al Fogelson's new wife Terumi Kaneyasu and as a result Sam was kicked out of 331 State Street which was located at 40_41_17_N_73_59_09_W_

He then lived at a total of 15 different addresses in mostly the Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville and East New York Sections of Brooklyn. He lived for a time with his beloved girlfriend Passion Julinsey, who now lives at 47_38_41_N_122_06_24_W_

According to her posted Zodiac Chart, Passion had been born in Bangkok, Thailand at 13_45_00_N_100_31_00_E_

Sam first met Passion because he had been living on New York Avenue near Church Street. He had a Thai woman named Vera living next door. He was living at 40_38_51_N_73_56_46_W_

Vera introduced Sam to Passion. By then, he had moved to 2530 Tilden Street, which is located at 40_38_44_N_73_57_13_W_

Passion invited him to come down and live at her sisters house on 6431 Shady Brook Lane, Dallas, Texas while her sister was away on her honeymoon, which was located at 32_51_47_N_96_45_52_W_

Then, Passion moved Sam to her brother-in-laws house which was located on 430 Buckingham Road, Richardson Texas, which was located at 32_56_04_N_96_43_51_W_

Then Passion came to live with Sam but then she had him arrested where they lived at 1813 New York Avenue, which is located at 40_37_41_N_73_56_38_W_

Later, Sam lived on Buskwick on the corner of Covert Street, which was located at 40_41_09_N_73_54_44_W_

Later, Sam lived at 956 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, which is located at 40_41_32_N_73_55_24_W_

Later, Sam lived at 170 Bristol Street in Brooklyn, which was located at 40_39_59_N_73_54_43_W_

Then, Sam lived at One Campus Place in Brooklyn which was located at 40_41_04_N_73_52_19_W_

In 2000 Sam Sloan lived for two months in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, which is located at 41_43_12_N_44_47_24_E_

He met over the Internet a Japanese woman, Kayo Kimura, who lived in Higashi-Totsuka, Japan, which is located at 35_25_29_N_139_34_46_E_

On February 6, 2001, Kayo flew from Tokyo to come to live with him at 2356 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, which is located at 40_40_24_N_73_53_07_W_

They moved to 258 Herzl Street, Brooklyn, New York, which is located at 40_39_51_N_73_54_51_W_

They moved to 1234 and 1236 Saint Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, which is located at 40_40_26_N_73_55_43_W_

They later went to live for nearly two years at 39-75 56th Street, Woodside, New York, which is located at 40_44_46_N_73_54_36_W_

Their baby Sandra Kimura Sloan was born at Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, New York, which is located at 40_44_40_N_73_53_09_W_

His daughters Shamema and Jessica now live together at 47_26_43_N_122_08_41_W_

Then Sam and Kayo went to live for one year at 920 Belmont Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, which is located at 40_40_24_N_73_52_29_W_

They stayed for three months at 331 Beach 32nd Street, Far Rockaway, New York, which is located at 40_35_49_N_30_45_52_W_

Then they stayed briefly at 153-90 Rockaway Blvd., Jamaica, Queens, NY, which is located at 40_40_63_N_73_46_57_W_

And they now are at 1664 Davidson Avenue, Bronx NY, which is located at 37_34_22_N_77_26_21_W_

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