The Muslim newspaper article for October 5, 1983

Ordeal of a Chitrali Girl - II

Local officials in league with Sloan?

ISLAMABAD, Oct. 4: After coming back from the USA, Hunza Gul filed a suit for Khula (an Islamic form of divorce demanded by the woman after foregoing her rights) before the Extra Assistant Commissioner, Chitral.

According to the claims of her family, Sloan was duly notified to appear in court, but he did not. It was expected that the court would proceed without him.

In September this year, however, Sloan was again seen in Chitral. In the dark hours of Sept. 14, he tried to break into the home of Hunza Gul, where she lives with her mother.

The police were immediately informed about his presence and his attempt to trespass criminally. But, for unknown reasons, the police of the area declined to lodge an FIR, and though they were informed that Sloan was wanted in an American court of law, they let him go.

After some days, he tried again to break in. This time the family members resisted. But, the police instead of apprehending him summoned the family and asked them to behave properly.

According to the report of a correspondent, appearing in a national daily, the presence of Sloan has infuriated the community there. Sloan, for his part, informed the same correspondent that he was planning to go to the Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan from here. He was further reported to have come here with the intention of making peace with his wife.

But the pertinent question remains unanswered: How is it that an absconder from the American justice system, whose entry into Pakistan was reportedly banned by the authorities, as he indulged in passing derogatory remarks against our country and people during his custody case, could still be entertained and protected by the authorities in Chitral?

Hunza has now appealed to a minister of Federal Cabinet to discuss her case with the president of Pakistan and request him to protect this Pakistani girl from the schemes of an American who can muster support from the local functionaries of the government.

In her petition, Hunza alleged that it appears that the relevant authorities of Chitral seem to be in league with Sloan in conspiring to again make her a victim of his pursuits.

Meanwhile a Pakistani educationist helping this helpless and innocent woman has already written to the US Ambassador in Pakistan informing him about the presence of Sloan in the area and requesting him to make efforts for his arrest.

Interestingly, the people living in the area also got hold of certain letters which Sloan had written to various people of NWFP.

In one neatly typed letter, which is comprised of four pages, Sloan had informed his friends of his plans to compile a dictionary of the Pashto language with the help of University of Texas. But he says for this compilation, he is in need of Pashto speakers in Austin, Texas. Strangely, according to his own letter, he might not be able to get visas for these Afghan and Pakistani nationals from the US Embassy in Pakistan, so he suggests that "in order to take advantage of this bonanza, it will become necessary for the prospective Pashto speaking student to come to Texas first at any cost."

The route he suggests is interesting. He wants the innocent people to come on their own to Mexico or El Salvador, spending their own money. After this, "I (Sloan) am willing to drive my Volkswagen from Virginia to Mexico or El Salvador to pick up the Chitralis and bring them back to America. In America, I will keep them in my house in Virginia until they can get on their own economic feet."

In spite of presenting this adventurous plan to his victims, Sloan has the guts to say, "Every thing I am doing in this connection (bringing Afghans and Pashto speakers to the USA) is perfectly legal."

It is believed that this letter is another proof of Sloan's obsession with underworld and crime. Another purpose is to win over a lot of Chitralis with the promise of a future in the USA to support him in Chitral against the family of the poor girl.

One can only hope that the federal Minister can help this girl, who was successful in getting the justice from the US courts, to be provided with the same by the authorities of her own country. - (Concluded).

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