Kidnapping of Shamema Sloan - At Least One Person agrees with me!

Name: Carol

Sent: 2:29 PM - 11/4/99

What is wrong with some of you people? I saw the picture of Shamema with her REAL father at the Great Wall. She was safe looking and leaning towards her dad, with a loving, I am safe, smile and twinkling eyes. In the photo of her and Mrs. (pig) Roberts she is tense, droopy, crying eyed, scared, clinging to a security blanket, leaning away from her kidnappers, and frightened looking. You people should observe body language.
Shelby Roberts holding Shamema Sloan
This photo was taken within days after Charles and Shelby Roberts had succeeded in kidnapping Shamema. The photo shows an obviously happy Shelby, proud of having succeeded in kidnapping Shamema, and an obviously unhappy Shamema. This photo was mailed anonymously.

A picture says it all folks. Get off the drugs and join reality. Victims can be and are often times brain washed, especially when taken young. False memories are planted and lies incorporated into their little heads. It takes professionals to help victims like Shamema dig for the truth in their pasts. Has she been taken to doctors and for counseling? That must have been a terrible experience for her. She was old enough to remember everything. Remember these Roberts are hunted people. Of course they are going to be extra careful about their every move and try to portray themselves as loving and concerned parents. And she does not look happy in the pictures with the Roberts at all. If they are so great, why not adopt a USA child, can they not find an agency that will let them have one. Maybe they are too well known for what they are here. If these people that took her were so good then why did they not return her immediately. Was she merely property, a sale of goods to them? My gut feeling is they are liars. Are any of you people parents? You have no idea the feeling of helplessness these REAL parents of Shamema must be feeling. This child's head has been severely screwed with by the Roberts. If you were little and kidnapped, what would you do to survive? And as for Robert's kin, ever hear of Jim and Tammy Baker? I do not trust many of our so called religious leaders, save for Billy Gram, I think he is real, honest, and good. Most are actors and greedy power hungry brats that will do anything for publicity and cash. It does not matter your political beliefs or religious background, Wrong is Wrong, and eventually all pay for their mistakes by GOD, here or in the afterlife. You have to be pretty naive about things not to realize that. God bless you and your daughter sir.

Name: Carol

Hometown: Natrona Heights

Sent: 1:51 PM - 11/4/99

I find the Roberts disgusting. I pray for the recovery of your beautiful daughter. May GOD guide in the apprehension of these fiends. They must be found and put into prison forever. May God shield and protect your daughter and may she run and find help from someone in the community that she is living. As an American it sickens me to see what our country has become. As you are aware there are many people in America that are druggies and are violent, as you have read about the school shootings. Our war in this country is against the druggies not the drugs, drugs are inanimate objects. It is the people that use them that are doing the evil in this country. These people come from sick, evil families and we good Americans are trying to keep them at bay. We must all fight together and pray for our children and their futures. The good people of this world must unite to keep their babies safe from these animals. I continue to pray every day for all of the victims of these pigs. I hope that your government puts pressure on ours to find your daughter and punish the Roberts. You can try to get in touch with The Feminist Majority in this country. They carry clout in matters like this. They will talk to the people who run our country and put pressure on them to help. They send out petitions to be signed by women and men that support them. It is millions. GOD bless you and your daughter, Love, Carol

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