Raja's List of Terrorist Collaborators

Raja Ehsan Aziz is a political leader of the Jamiat-e-Islami in Pakistan, an organization closely affiliated with the Taliban.

While in the United States in 1982, Raja compiled a list of political affiliates. The purpose of this list was to provide a series of safe houses to move my wife and daughter around in so that I would never be able to find them. Honzagool lived in seven of these safe houses over the course of three months from May to August, 1982, averaging less than two weeks in each house. Some of the houses where Honzagool was held are not on this list.

The reason the names on the list often say "married with children" is to imply that the men will not be involved in any hanky-panky with Honzagool.

This list was considered top secret and highly confidential, but was apparently fairly wisely circulated. I have seen two copies. One was in Honzagool's house in Chitral, Pakistan. The other was in the files of Raja's lawyer, William James Lake, after Lake died in 1983.

Several names and places on the list have since been associated with terrorist acts, such as the first bombing of the World Trade Center. In the unlikely event that the FBI wants to see it, I have the original list, signed by Raja Ehsan Aziz himself. The reason why the FBI might not want to see this list is that the FBI has been covering up the terrorist activities of Raja Ehsan Aziz, since that would expose their own incompetence, wrongdoing and involvement in the kidnapping of my daughter, Shamema Honzagool.

Sam Sloan

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Confidential March 18, 1982

Several families throughout the United States have already offered their homes to Honza Gull and Shameema Gull. Many more offers are expected in the near future. Below is a partial list of those willing to welcome Honza and Shameema as part of their own families in the tristate area.

1. Professor Bashir A. Zakria
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Columbia University, New York

Married with children

196 Millbrook Circle
Norwood, NJ 07648

2. Ahmad U. Haider
Zeschan Inc. (Importers & Exporters)

32-30 70th Street
Jackson Ht, NY 11377

3. Sajjid Hussain
Civil Engineer
Married with Children
230 Drake Avenue, Newrochelle NY

4. Basharat A. Khawaja
Moon Appliances Inc.


135 Donor Avenue
Elmood Park, NJ 07407

5. Shahid Usmani & Dr.(Mrs. Shiasta Usmani
C.P.A. Pediatrician & Perinatologist
2 children

110 North Woodlane
Woodmere, NY 11598
Long Island

6. Mohammad al Hanooti
Islamic Center of New Jersey
Married with Children
02780 Kennedy Bouldvard
New Jersey 07304

7. Khawaja Sayed Ahmed, M.D.
Married with children
15 Berkley Drive
Port Chester
Westchester County, NY

8. Mohammad Wali Zafar
Special Procedure Technologist
Married with Children
53-27 Junction Blvd.
Elmhurst, NY 11373

9. Mohammad Riaz
Social Worker
City of New York
34-50 24th Street, #5H
Astoria, NY 11106

With the exception of perhaps one family all the others own the houses in which they are living.

Raja Ehsan Aziz

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