Taleban leader says Clinton should be stoned to death

ISLAMABAD: The leader of Afghanistan's Taleban army Mullah Mohammed Omar was quoted as saying that US President Bill Clinton should be stoned to death for his indiscretions involving women other than his wife. This according to a weekly newspaper published by the militant Islamic group, Harakat ul-Ansar. The US administration last year declared this group a terrorist organization. The newspaper, quoting Omar, said '"Clinton is a confessed sinner and a bad person." Ruling out the possibility of holding negotiations with Clinton, Omar was quoted as saying "It is absolutely not possible to negotiate with such a person and he should be removed (from power) and stoned to death. He is of bad character." In strict Islam it is a capital offense to have sex outside of marriage and it is punishable by stoning. Referring to the August 20 missile attack on eastern Afghanistan by the United States, the newspaper quoted Omar as demanding an apology from the US administration. "America should apologize to the world of Islam and should remove its forces from Muslim countries," the newspaper quoted Omar as saying.

TEHRAN, Aug 30: Iranian diplomats held hostage by Taliban in Afghanistan have been killed, a member of parliament was quoted as saying by the Tehran daily Zan on Sunday.

"According to reliable sources in Afghanistan, the Iranian diplomats have already been martyred by the Taliban," Morteza Nabavi said during a ceremony in Qazvin.

Zan had earlier quoted Pakistani sources as saying that the hostages had been killed, but there has been no official confirmation.

A total of 47 Iranians were seized after the group captured Mazar-i-Sharif. The hostages included 11 diplomats, one journalist and 35 truck drivers.-dpa

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