Complaint to Bar Against Manhattan Deputy Borough President

Ismail Sloan
1664 Davidson Avenue, Apt. 1B
Bronx NY 10453


January 4, 2006

Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Department
61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10006

Re: Complaint against Manhattan Deputy Borough
President, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis
Registration Number: 2550945

Office Address:

55 W 125TH ST FL 10TH
(212) 348-7449

Year Admitted in NY: 1990

Dear Sirs:

I hereby request that disciplinary proceedings be brought against attorney Rosemonde Pierre-Louis for the kidnapping of my two sons, Michael Rankoth Sloan dob 6-18-1988 and George Rankoth Sloan dob 4-28-1990.

These kidnappings occurred on or about May 9, 1995. The facts are explained in greater detail in the attached documents, but here is a summary: In 1995 Rosemonde Pierre-Louis was working for a lesbian lunatic named Dorchen Leidholdt who in her writings states that all men are rapists, all women are victims of rape and 25% of all female children are sexually molested by their own fathers. You can see examples of her writings where she says such things on my own website at which is copied from a book she wrote making such claims.

You can also read about her books where she says that these things occur and you can also read her biography by none other than Sam Sloan which includes links to her books about how all men are rapists at

Dorchen Leidholdt has had her own picture published in Hustler Magazine. In her younger days she was closely affiliated with Linda Lovelace, the famous porn star of Deep Throat, and with Larry Flynt..

By 1995, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis had been hiding my children and their mother for four years from me and from the Child Welfare Administration. I attach documents proving this from the Child Welfare Administration stating "unable to locate the children."

In April, 1995, after four years of searching, I finally found them. The mother, Dayawathie Rankoth, immediately invited me to live with them again and soon thereafter became pregnant with our fourth child.

However, soon I had to return to California. Dayawathie said that the two boys were out of control so she wanted me to take care of them and to take them with me, which I did.

One month later, Dorchen Leidholdt and Rosemonde Pierre-Louis found out about this, in spite of the efforts of Dayawathie to keep them from finding out that she had given the two children to me.

There was obviously no jurisdiction in New York because the two boys were in California and Michael, the eldest boy, had been born in California. Nevertheless, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis brought a bogus habeas corpus proceeding.

Rosemonde Pierre-Louis personally knew a judge of the New York Family Court, so she called him at home at night and asked for his help. He said that he could help her but only if the case was brought in Manhattan, where he was a judge. This presented at problem because Dayawathie and the children lived in the Bronx.

To get around this problem Rosemonde Pierre-Louis filed a habeas corpus proceeding using a FAKE ADDRESS. The fake address she used was 410 West 40th Street, New York NY. I later went there and found that to be the address of a homeless soup kitchen. I spoke to the pastor of the soup kitchen and he told me that Sanctuary for Families had rented an apartment there but nobody had actually ever lived there. It seems that Sanctuary for Families often used this fake address to prevent fathers from locating their ex-wives and children.

Based upon this false address, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis filed a habeas corpus petition based entirely on bogus and utterly false allegations. The judge signed it (which he should never have done).

On the basis of this entirely bogus petition with false allegations and a fake address, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis sent a FAX to the legal authorities in California and had me arrested for kidnapping. I was held in jail, mostly the Alameda County Jail in Santa Rita, for 42 days. California has a rule completely unlike other states that a person can be held under investigation without ever being brought before a judge, and that is what happened to me.

Meanwhile, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis had the two boys, Michael and George, extradited to New York, without any court proceedings. She then forced Dayawathie to move out of her apartment for four years at 905 Tinton Avenue in the Bronx, and move into a homeless shelter on Prospect Avenue near Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn, so I could not find them.

Since Rosemonde Pierre-Louis by this time realized that Dayawathie Rankoth was now pregnant with our fourth child, she had Dayawathie taken down to an abortion clinic. Our unborn baby boy was aborted on July 7, 1995.

When I got out of jail and got back to New York, my children had been kidnapped and disappeared, by unborn baby was aborted and I had spent 42 days in jail based upon demonstrably false allegations.

Attached hereto is an affirmation by Rosemonde Pierre-Louis dated April, 1995. It is filled with libelous and demonstrably untrue statements. They would be ridiculous and even laughable were they not tragically used to perpetrate the kidnapping of my two sons. For example, it says:

"Respondent is wanted internationally in several countries in connection with the International trafficking of women."

This is pure fiction. There is no such thing.

Similarly, she writes:

"From September, 1987, to May 1991, Petitioner was held prisoner and was not permitted to leave Respondentfs home. Respondent threatened that Petitioner would be imprisoned if Petitioner attempted to leave."

Again, this is completely false. In fact, from September 1987 to May 1991 the petitioner returned to her country three times. She only lived in my home about half of that time. It is true that she was in jail once and was detained by the police several times during that period, but not because of anything I did, but rather because of her own misconduct.

Clearly these acts by Rosemonde Pierre-Louis are not merely unethical. They are crimes. Accordingly, I demand that Rosemonde Pierre-Louis be disbarred from the practice of law.

I attach the following documents supporting this claim.

The first is the petition. It is important to note that the actual address of Dayawathie Rankoth is crossed out and the address 410 West 40th is written over it in magic marker.

Next are:

The signature page by Rosemonde Pierre-Louis
The writ of habeas corpus signed by the judge
The fax cover sheet where she had these documents faxed to California to have me arrested.

Please handle this matter expeditiously, as Rosemonde Pierre-Louis has just been sworn in as the Deputy Manhattan Borough President.

Very Truly Yours,

Samuel H. Sloan


State of New York
County of New York

Samuel H. Sloan, being duly sworn, deposes and says that I have written and read the above statements and all of it is true.

Samuel H. Sloan

Sworn to before me this 4th
day of January 2006


I have scanned and posted four documents about the kidnapping of my children.

Here are documents demonstrating that my children were kidnapped, in PDF Format:

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