Threesome Sex Story

This is real. I am interested in why, after nine years of marriage, my wife is talking about sex with a neighbor wife of ours?

Jane and Tom (made up names) are our pals, and have been for years. Jane and my wife have known each other for a long time, but have become very close recently. Wife K. now tells me she wants to "share" sex alone with Jane. I feel no threat as it may be just them toying around, and nothing else. Both are very fine looking, and the thought turns me on to watch this happen. Tom is completely out of the picture as he is just not with it.

Wife K. says let her go first, and if cool, I could be invited maybe later.

Well, it did happen, and what I got back that night was a super horny wife that fucked me hard all night.

When I asked what happened she said, "she did me and I did her". When I asked to define, she said it was oral and some use of a dildo, and pleasure given on both parts. For some reason this does not bother me. There is no worry of me loosing her to Jane, as Jane has a life and it was really just two women getting off on their own.

This has happened three times now, and I am not included. Well, I lied, Jane has been to our house and the three of us hot tubbed last May nude, and Jane watched as K. gave me head. I reached for Jane's breasts, and sucked one, but K. said stop, so we did.

K. does not want me to touch Jane, but she can. I feel left out. I am leaving much out of this that hasn't been told.

K. has had Jane film me naked and once masturbating after K. sucked me. They get their jollies as I end up hard. So what do you think?

What do I think? I think you should post this on my web site.

If you are asking for advice, I advise you not to do anything. Do not insist on having sex with Jane. Just let the girls be in charge and see how it develops.

Sam Sloan

You may post this, but no replies from others please. How do I find your site, and will it show responses? This would ruin me if it got back to the aforementioned people. Thanks, Sam, I just had to vent.

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