My Grandparents, Emily Bayfield Sloan and Howard Creighton Sloan, on March 5, 1902

Yesterday, I was discovered by a cousin I never knew I had, through the power of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

This previously unknown cousin has just e-mailed me a photograph of my grandmother and grandfather. This is the first time I have ever seen a photograph of my paternal grandfather. He died in about 1938, long before I was born.

This photo is dated March 5, 1902. It must have been taken on the occasion of or shortly after their wedding. To the left is my grandmother, Emily Bayfield Sloan. To the right is my grandfather, Howard Creighton Sloan. Emily Bayfield Sloan was born in Illinois on April 26, 1879, so she was 22 at the time of this photo. Howard Creighton Sloan was born in Pennsylvania on March 18, 1873, so he was 28 at the time of this photo.

They had three children, Edward, born in June 20, 1904, Harold, born in 1906, and my father, Leroy, born May 2, 1910.

Emily Bayfield Sloan (later Lemieux) died on June 15, 1966 at the age of 87.

Her name was recently added to the Social Security Death Index (it was not there before). It shows: Name EMILY LEMIEUX, born 26 Apr 1879, died 15 Jun 1966, Residence 60634 (Chicago, Cook, IL), Last benefit (No Location Given), Social Security Number 338-44-2340, Issuing State, Illinois, issued 1966.

This indicates that she was issued a social security number at or just before the time of her death.

The name of Edward Sloan appears in the Social Security Death Index, as Name E SLOAN, born 20 Jun 1904, died June 1978, Residence 52501 (Bladensburg, Wapello, IA), Last benefit (No Location Given), Social Security Number 356-03-6688, Issuing State, Illinois, issued Before 1951.

I have always known that my father was previously married in Chicago before he married my mother and that he had a son by that marriage, who was born some time in 1930-1935. This means that I have a half brother perhaps 10-15 years older than I. However, I never have been able to find out the name of my father's first wife or the name of that child. If anybody in Chicago can try to look this up in the Cook County records, it would be appreciated.

Sam Sloan

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