What happened next in "Hard Times in Tokyo, Japan"

Several readers have written me to ask about my screenplay entitled "Hard Times in Tokyo, Japan" and to ask me what happened next.

A few people have even written me to say that they personally know the people involved, but this is impossible because this story is purely fictional and those people do not exist.

The problem is that I wrote was one of the best things I have ever written. Unfortunately, however, I wrote it by hand in jail. I never got around to typing it. It is now sitting in the bottom of a closet of Arden Van Upp's house in San Francisco, assuming that it has not been thrown out by now.

Unfortunately, it was such a masterpiece that I have never been able to replicate it. Unless I somehow get that manuscript back, it will be lost forever.

Nevertheless, inspired by this debate, I will try to get the general jist of it. I have typed the first half of my screen play and have posted it on my web site at http://www.anusha.com/hardtime.htm

However, the part I posted was just the slow buildup. The exciting slam bang conclusion (as it really was) I never got around to typing.

Anyway, here is an attempt to replicate what I wrote. You may remember that in one of the first scenes of the script, you were introduced to a young woman named Miki, who immediately disappeared. You probably thought that she was not an important part of the story, but it turns out that she is the star of the show.

After Miki gets into the action, along comes another Japanese girl named Hiroko. By this time, things have gotten too dangerous for Sam so, to keep a safe distance from Miki, he has moved to a Gaijin house in Nakano occupied by a young boy from Finland named Tero.

Sam sleeps with Hiroko, but then she meets Tero and later on Sam catches her in bed having sex with Tero (after all they live in the same house together). Hiroko successfully pits one against the other. Then, two other characters in the movie, Reimer and Rogers, get involved to keep them from fighting with each other. Reimer has an ulterior motive. He hopes to sleep with both Miki and Hiroko. Mario tries to get included in this, too.

I might as well tell you the end of the story, which is that Sam and Tero both get scared and leave Japan, vowing never to return, Hiroko gets married to some other guy and moves to Amsterdam and Miki meets a nice black man and moves to New York.

Several readers have asked when the movie is coming out. The problem with making this into a real movie is that traditionally movie scripts are 120 pages long. However, this one would be nearly twice that length. The plot is too complicated and the characters too complex for easy reduction in length.

Here is just one scene from the script as best I can recreate it in my mind.

In this scene, the protagonist is named Sam. He has just slept with a young Japanese girl named Miki Motegi (a completely fictional person of course) who is a student at a prestigeous school in Tokyo named the Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin. She then immediately took Sam to her home and told her parents what had happened. Now, Miki Motegi wants to start some trouble over this.

There is an old tradition in Japan that if a man deflowers the virginity of a woman and does not marry her, he has to pay her parents some money. Although Miki has not been a virgin for more than two years, she has told her parents that she was a virgin until she met Sam. Rumblings start.

In this scene, Sam's friend, Rogers, confronts him over this:

What is it about you, Sam? You show up in Berkeley, a perfectly nice and peaceful town, and, not long after you arrive, riots break out.

Next, you go to Columbia University, and yet another riot breaks out.

Then, you go to Chicago, and another riot breaks out.

After that, you make your way to Afghanistan and, before long, there is a civil war.

You then go to El Salvador and soon there is another civil war.

Next, you are in Pakistan, and what happens there?

And now you are in Japan, and this happens. What is it about you, Sam?

You make it sound like the government is about to fall and the emperor will be overthrown. And all I did is sleep with just one, totally insignificant Japanese girl.

Kayo and Sam
Kayo and Sam

UPDATE: This story is now the subject of a cable TV Show: Brooklyn Boy Makes Good in Japan.

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