I am a big fan of TS Music

To Kentaro Okano :

I am a big fan of TS Music. I visited there many, many times in 1984 and 1985.

I was particularly enthralled by a young woman who performed there frequently. I always called her "The High School Girl" because she wore a high school uniform, waved a high school baton and sung a high school song at the beginning of her performance.

Her stage name I believe was Hiratsuka Kazumi or something similar. I found a Japanese magazine with an article about her. It said that she was from Osaka and that she had her own fan club at the University of Osaka.

I kept that magazine for years but, alas, somebody stole it in 1994.

She was very beautiful; by far the most beautiful girl in your club.

I have written several articles about her and about your club which have been published on the Internet.

I just visited Japan and came by the TS Music. The doorman there gave me your card. I am now back in New York City, where I live.

Now that I know your e-mail address and your web site address, which is http://www.townexpress.com/tsmusic , I would like to give you a lot of free publicity. I have featured your club in a screenplay I have written, which is at http://www.samsloan.com/hardtime.htm . This might be made into a movie some day.

Can you help me? I would like to get some publicity photos of Hiratsuka Kazumi. Even though you have had many women working at your club, I do not see how you could have forgotten her, if you were there at that time, as she was a spectacular beauty.

Naturally, I would like to obtain another copy of that magazine article and any other information about her. If I ever make a movie about her, I would like for her to play herself, on your stage, provided that she is not too old and fat by now.

I can assure you that you will be richly rewarded for any help you can give me. My web site has more than 40,000 hits and more than 10,000 readers every day. Any information you can give me will be posted on my web site, along with the address of your club.

Sam Sloan

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